FRA Technology

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At Franklin Road Academy, technology integration starts in pre-kindergarten and continues in age-appropriate steps through grade 12. Classes in every subject area and grade level offer opportunities to practice technology skills in a safe environment with appropriate limits and supervision. Teachers use an extensive array of technology tools in the classroom including interactive boards, document cameras, projectors and tablet computers.

Lower School:  Students in the lower school engage with iPads, laptops, tablet computers and desktops. Beginning in the pre-kindergarten, technology rich classrooms are center-based and use various applications to help them learn about critical thinking, problem solving and 21st Century skills. As grade level progression continues, students learn additional skills such as keyboarding and use multimedia presentations.

Middle School: Students in the middle school, beginning in 5th grade, focus on one-to-one learning using an iPad. Students focus on using technology as a tool for organization, evaluate digital resources and develop skills using various applications. Textbooks in the middle school are digital and accessed using the iPad.

Upper School: Students in the upper school, beginning in 9th grade, continue one-to-one learning using a tablet computer and focus on college level curriculum. Students use their computer to organize notes, type research papers, evaluate online resources and use 21st Century skills in the classroom using the Internet.  Technology at FRA includes the following:

  • On-campus dedicated technology team located at the FRA helpdesk in the L.M. Crockett library
  • The FRA helpdesk provides customer support before, during and after school
  • Loaner devices are provided for the one-to-one program to ensure student up time and to protect important classroom learning time for the student
  • Computer literacy, safety and security curriculum incorporated in classrooms and advise programs
  • Online access to extensive library and research databases available both on-campus and at home
  • Campus infrastructure includes 10G fiber, Meraki switches, wireless (B/G/N) using the latest technology
  • Each regular classroom includes ceiling-mounted projectors and multimedia
  • Faculty and staff who invest and engage technology in the classrooms 
  • Student and parents can access grades, homework and class assignment online using either a browser or tablet app.