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    FRA Welcomes New Faculty & Staff

    The upcoming 2014-15 school year brings several new faces to the FRA Faculty and Staff

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    Develop Artistic Talents

    Jazz Café 2014

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    Cultivate Christian Values & Service Life

    Senior Habitat for Humanity Build 2014

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    Celebrate Success & Friendships

    Vocal Ensemble Awarded Superior in 2014 State Competition

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    Find Your Passion and Purpose

    Christopher Hamby '04, 2014 Pulitzer Prize Winner

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    Pursue Artistic Opportunities

    42nd Street, Upper School Musical 2014

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    Engage Outside the Classroom

    Varsity Softball 2014

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    Share Your FRA School Spirit!

    Spring Service Saturday

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    Explore Academic Excellence

    Lower School Science Hands-On Exploration

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    Share with our School Community

    Songwriters Night 2014

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    Discover Athletic Competition

    Lower School Winter Olympics 2014

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    Taniya, 2nd Grade

    “I look forward to coming to school, because I like to learn to read. My favorite part of the day is reading and having fun with my friends. After school, I take dance lessons and play basketball and soccer with my brother.”

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    Cooper, 4th Grade

    “I look forward to coming to school so I can go to P.E. It’s fun, and we get to play games. My favorite part of school is learning lots of new things. Outside of...

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    Tymon, 8th Grade

    “My teachers are great at challenging me and making learning fun. I participate on many athletic teams at FRA including football, wrestling, basketball, and baseball. I also love band, and I've enjoyed learning to play the saxophone. I have great friends that help make me better at sports.”

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    Claire, 9th Grade

    “I like my classes at FRA because they are small. The teachers take the time to know me and are always willing to help. Each year has been more challenging during Middle School - I have learned so much! I also love FRA sports, and...”

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    Josh, 11th Grade

    “The ability to go to a school and do every single activity you want, while having the coaches and teachers make you feel important to the activity, is amazing. I have had the pleasure of going to a school exactly like that, participating in ...”

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    Class of 2014

    “The best gift FRA gave me was the ability to be involved in everything I love. At FRA, I was somehow able to do everything I enjoyed…and since I was never able to choose one thing, I am very..."

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    Jay Salato

    Class of 2003

    “My teachers and coaches at FRA prepared me not only for college, but also for life. They were so instrumental in my development that they nurtured a love of teaching and ...”

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