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    Academics at FRA

    “I feel that all my teachers at FRA have encouraged me to dig a little deeper, more than just the surface of the answer. And so, not only do I know the answer, I know how I got the answer, where the answer is from, and I know I can replicate it.” Annadele Barnes ‘16

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    Interim Week 2016

    Interim is designed to provide our students with experiential learning opportunities and vocational exposure while integrating meaningful, mission-appropriate service.

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    Mary Grace Burton '17

    “I have been at FRA for 12 years now and it has helped me to not only find my passion but who I am as a person. Throughout my time at FRA, I have had multiple people touch my life and help me figure out exactly what path I want to take. I have participated in multiple plays and musicals, cross country

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    Olivia Warrix '23

    “All my classes are fun. I like doing math because we get to practice problems and learn new math with our partners.”

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    Boyd Brown '24

    “My favorite part of the school day is enrichments. Guidance is fun because we do things like take personality tests.”

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