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    Your Child, Our Mission

    Riley Casey’s goal was to play basketball at an Ivy League University. Hear how her experience at FRA prepared her to attend Columbia University in the fall.

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    Why FRA?

    New student Nia Williamson and her parents discuss why FRA was the right choice for their family.

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    I AM...

    Big enough. Small enough. Because of our intentional size, our students are exposed to unlimited opportunities to find their passions.

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    Community at FRA

    “Everyone here wants to help you. The teachers want to help you; the students want to get to know you and be your friends. It’s a great environment to be in.”
    Zach Walker, ’17

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    Co-Curriculars at FRA

    “I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else because I just don’t see another school that is so involved in making sure students are passionate and help them to find their way in life.”
    – Haylee Ferguson ’16

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    Spiritual & Service Life at FRA

    “There is so much love here, and it is evident through our faith. We are defined by how we treat each other.” – Annadele Barnes ‘16

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    Academics at FRA

    “It’s unbelievable how much I have grown because of this place; how much I’ve become the person I should be. College is going to be an interesting experience, mostly because FRA has prepared me so well for it.”
    – Ginny Boyd ‘16

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    Interim Week 2016

    Interim is designed to provide our students with experiential learning opportunities and vocational exposure while integrating meaningful, mission-appropriate service.

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