Back to School 2017-18


This page is designed to provide you with links to helpful information regarding the beginning of school 2017-18. We will be happy to provide you with additional information or connect you with the school division or department representative that may be able to provide you greater insight.

For questions from new families, please contact Debbie DeJean (615) 369-4488.

For questions from returning lower school families, please contact Terri Snider (615) 369-4498, or Rick West (615) 369-4630.

For returning middle school families, please contact Amanda Gibbs (615) 369-4477, Chris Hart (615) 369-4531, or Ryan Harris (615) 369-4650.

Returning upper school families should contact Melanie Hale (615) 369-4580, Josh Flegel (615) 369-4520, or Prentice Stabler (615) 369-4640.


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