Disable iPad Texting

iPad Texting Troubles?

Parent DISABLE Instructions below!


On campus during the school day, your child is unable to text from the iPad. We are having student reports that large group texts are becoming disruptive at night and on the weekends. We highly encourage your involved supervision on the iPads - our intention is that the iPads are used as educational tools. Please continue to actively supervise and control your child's use of these machines. You may wish to follow the link below to DISABLE this feature on the iPad off of FRA's campus.

Disable Texting on iPad

We also ask that you refrain from sending your children emails during the school day. You may use the office phone to communicate any information to your child, and they may use the office phone to call you when needed. An email from mom or dad during class creates anxiety for your 5th grader…Do I check the email from my parents, risking a detention for off task computer use, OR ignore my parent's email??

Thanks for helping us keep your child's attention on the learning in our classrooms!