2016-17 Upper School Academic & Arts Award Winners

Posted: May 22, 2017

On Thursday, May 18, the upper school held its annual Academic & Arts Awards Program, highlighting students who have excelled in the classroom.

Here are the awards and winners:

Founder's Award - Katie Wall
Given to the student who epitomizes the FRA student - someone who is academically excellent, involved in arts and athletics, and embodies servant leadership

Valedictorian - Katie Wall
Given to the senior with the highest numerical average in all academic courses over four years of high school

Salutatorian - Alison McKinney
Given to the senior with the second-highest numerical average in all academic courses over four years of high school

Billy L. Bradshaw Award - Hale Williamson
Given to the senior who shows respect for school, country, and heritage; a love of learning; strong leadership qualities; and a kindness and thoughtfulness towards others

FRA Alumni Association Awards - Jamie Kendrick and David Chandler
Given to a senior girl and boy who have given generously of their time at FRA

Cum Laude Inductees
Awarded to students who have achieved scholastic excellence
Riley Casey - Columbia University
Angela Hua - Vanderbilt University
Alison McKinney - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Kari Meko - Mount Holyoke College
Emma Murray - Miami University of Ohio
Wes Thompson - Emory University
Ponder Thurmond - Georgia Institute of Technology
Katie Wall - University of Richmond

Most Outstanding Girl and Boy
Given to a boy and girl in each upper school class who have distinguished themselves in a host of areas
Senior Class - Martha Grace Scripps and Wes Thompson
Junior Class - Julianna Alexander and Mason Chambliss
Sophomore Class - Sabrina LaFaye and Tashinga Vhumisai
Freshman Class - Ava Ackerman and Conner Richardson

National Merit Scholarship Award - Katie Wall
Given to a senior who has been recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation

Brad Brooks Athletic Service Award - Will Elliott
Given to a student who has shown extraordinary levels of service to the athletic department by serving as an athletic manager at an exceptionally high level

Helen Harris Dale Scholarship Award - Mary Grace Burton
Given to a senior who excels in service to the school, service to the community, attitude, academics, and athletics or activities

Carole Pieratt Award for the Performing Arts - Conor Ireland
Given to a senior who has shown artistic accomplishment, creativity, commitment, discipline, leadership, and active participation in the performing arts all four years of high school

Barbara Holder McCall Community Service Awards
Given to a student in each grade who has shown dedication and commitment by accumulating the most volunteer hours at each grade level
Senior Class - Catherine Disspayne
Junior Class - Chloe Denley
Sophomore Class - Lee Anna Chen
Freshman Class - Nolan Burke

President's Volunteer Service Award - Chloe Denley, Ansley Moore, Alex May, David Chandler, Libby Weicker, Carrigan Corsi, Catherine Disspayne, Jaden Holtschlag, Madison Schraw
Given to students who have achieved the required number of service hours over a 12-month time period, or a number of cumulative hours over the course of a lifetime

Scholar Cup Awards
Given to a student in the freshman, sophomore, and junior class who has earned the highest numerical average for the year
Junior Class - Claire Luthy
Sophomore Class - Angelina Chan
Freshman Class - Campbell Jeffrey

Annual Head's List

Students who have maintained an average of 95 or higher in academic courses with no grade less than 90

9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
Ava Ackerman Angelina Chan Julianna Alexander Alison McKinney
Bryce Barrett Lee Anna Chen Laurel Dernbach Kari Meko
Kathryn Carroll Cathleen Li Claire Luthy Katie Wall
Campbell Jeffrey Pablo Ramos Soszna Lily Pierce
Landry Mitchell Ben Spicer Eric Stoxstill-Diggs
Kira Murphy Jordan Stoxstill-Diggs Watson Tansil
Claire Murray Libby Weicker
Ryan Pierce
Summer Vo

Turner Fellow Awards
Given to the students who have successfully completed their Turner Fellow internships and have continued their commitment to community service in the Nashville area

Carrigan Corsi Emma Murray Katie Wall
Justin Cox Erynn Quirk Hale Williamson
Taylor High Julia Scott Jade Wong
Ryan Madondo Wes Thompson Victoria Zirilli

Academic Awards

English Awards

English I (H) - Campbell Jeffrey AP Seminar - Laurel Dernbach
English II (H) - Lee Anna Chen Shakespeare - Miller Malone
AP English Language - Julianna Alexander Fictional Worlds - Kelemet Telwar
AP English Literature - Katie Wall Creative Writing - Hale Williamson

Mathematics Awards

Algebra II (H) - Ava Ackerman AP Calculus - Alison McKinney
Geometry (H) - Cathleen Li AP Statistics - Katie Wall
Pre-Calculus (H) - Laurel Dernbach Rensselaer Medal - Claire Luthy

Science Awards

Biology II (H) - Ava Ackerman AP Chemistry - Claire Luthy
AP Biology - Katie Wall AP Physics - Angela Hua
Anatomy & Physiology - Katie Pinkston Environmental Science - Zach Walker
Chemistry I (H) - Cathleen Li Robotics - Jackson Thomas

Social Studies Awards

Ancient History (H) - Campbell Jeffrey AP World History - Paige Samz
U.S. History 1820-1900 - Will Elliott American Government - Ponder Thurmond
Conflict in the Holy Land - Seldon Mathews Economics - Pablo de la Torre Alvarado
The Holocaust - Kelemet Telwar Psychology - Libby Weicker
AP United States History - Claire Luthy Sociology - Jade Wong
AP European History - Mary Grace Burton

Religious Studies Awards

Old Testament Survey - Claire Luthy Life of Christ - CJ Fayne
New Testament Survey - Sydney Malham Faith and Film - Mark Austin
World Religions - Justin Cox Christian Leadership - Nolan Burke

World Language Awards

French I - Bryce Barrett AP Latin - Katie Wall
French II - Lorena Silva Spanish I - Alienor Bertomeu
French III (H) - Carlota Navas Spanish II - Ben Spicer
AP French Language - Lily Pierce Spanish III (H) - Angelina Chan
Latin I - Campbell Jeffrey AP Spanish Language - Sheryl Garcia
Latin II - Lee Anna Chen AP Spanish Literature - Alison McKinney
Latin III (H) - Watson Tansil

Technology Awards

Technology - Ava Ackerman Digital Media - Kingston Gardner
Innovations - David Chandler Digital Publications - Erynn Quirk


Wellness (Female) - Julia Scott Performance Fitness (Male) - Watson Tansil
Wellness (Male) - Sean Hensley Public Speaking - David Chandler
Performance Fitness (Female) - Sydney Malham

Fine Arts

Drawing - Sherwin Nazemi Drama I - Ethan Rhoden & Khara Fayne
Color Theory - Rachel Brown Theater Tech - Zach Walker
Advanced Art - Sabrina LaFaye Jazz Ensemble - Rebecca Alexandru
Ceramics I - Julia Mondelli Concert Choir - Becca Morency
Ceramics II - Adam Kennedy Vocal Ensemble - Hope Holmes
Advanced Ceramics - Seldon Mathews Art Gallery Awards - Emma Murray, Erynn Quirk, Kelemet Telwar

Faculty Awards
The day also awards two faculty awards honoring those who have gone above and beyond for our students.

The FRA Faculty Above Self Award - Mrs. Betsey Bachert

William B. and Gretchen Akin Upper School Faculty Award - Ms. Stephanie Feyes

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