Sixth Grade Math and Science Teams Place Nationally

Posted: June 19, 2017

Each year, FRA Middle School students participate in the National Math and Science Leagues. The purpose for the Math League, according to its website, is to “give students an educationally enriching opportunity to participate in an academically-oriented activity and to gain recognition for mathematical achievement. Our main goal is educational: we promote enjoyment and study of mathematics and science by organizing contests for grades 4-12. Our contests help to enrich mathematics programs. Each contest covers topics appropriate to the contest grade level. Our well-written questions cover a variety of difficulty ranges and involve topics of interest to above-average students. The key is to encourage students to enjoy a challenge and to learn from it to find problem-solving discussions stimulating.”

Both the Science and Math Leagues aim to engage above-average learners across the country and allow them to compete with academic peers to foster excitement around their learning.

This year, our sixth grade Math and Science League teams had unprecedented success on their exams. The participating students worked hard with their teachers and their efforts were certainly reflected by their success. We are quite proud of their hard work and achievements as both placed in the top 6 NATIONALLY.

National Science League

6th grade.jpg

The sixth grade team placed second nationally on the National Science League exam. This team of students outperformed a host of highly competitive schools, and we are proud of the extra work, effort, and awesome performance. The team members were Stanley Davis, Ryan Holman, Savannah O'Donoghue, Hyatt Horne, Stephen Cartiglia, Ben Bradshaw, Noah Prosser, Trip McDowell, Graham Pave, and Dylan Rhoden. Well done, team.

National Math League

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Students in the sixth grade Math Club recently participated in the Math League contest where they placed fourth nationally and first in their region. This is, no doubt, a huge accomplishment. The team members were Ely McRae, Hyatt Horne, Stephen Cartiglia, Stanley Davis, Raman Advani, and Savannah O'Donoghue. Awesome work, students.

While both teams did exceptionally well, a couple of students’ achievements merit further distinction. Stanley Davis placed first regionally and 11th nationally for his performance on the Math League exam, and Raman Advani placed 30th nationally.

“Success in competitions like the Math and Science League are the reflection of hard work, diligence, preparation, and aptitude. I’m thankful for our teachers who helped prepare these students and these students for the extra effort required for their remarkable achievements. We are so proud of each of these teams and the hard work reflected in these results," said Ryan Harris, FRA head of middle school.

We are certainly proud of each of these students, and we look forward to further accomplishments in their academic careers.

Last Updated: June 19, 2017