Annual Fund


2016-2017 Annual Fund Volunteers


Stephanie and Dale Mitchell

Parent Chairs

  Mary and Jason Perrine
Lower School
  Kristen and Cullen Douglass
Middle School
  Parthenia and Roosevelt Fayne
Upper School

Grandparent chairs

Michelle and Steve Maggart

Parent Grade Level Chairs

Brooke and Cliff Walker

Ritchey and Brad Graham
Kindergarten - Class of '29
Holley Roberts
1st Grade - Class of '28

Brinn Daniels
2nd Grade - Class of '27
Michele and Tom Onken
3rd Grade - Class of '26

Sarah and Matthew Teague
4th Grade - Class of '25
Angie and Andrew McVie
5th Grade - Class of '24

Gretchen and Pat Howell
6th Grade - Class of '23
Virginia Lee Bradshaw-Dinker
7th Grade - Class of '22

Brandy and Matt Gardner
8th Grade - Class of '21
Sofia and Gregory Hohnholt
9th Grade - Class of '20

  Denise and Scott Jungmichel
10th Grade - Class of '19
Richelle and Mardon Day
11th Grade - Class of '18

Allison and Cass Scripps
12th Grade - Class of '17
Parents of Alumni Chairs

Cindy and Steve Winker

Faculty Chairs

Holly Sizemore
Lower School
Shannon Murphy
Middle School
Kris Climer
Upper School

 Where would you like to direct your investment?

The Family of Funds is our Annual Fund program which allows you to designate your gift to an area that matches your own interest. While gifts to the Area of Greatest Need are our highest priority, we understand that different areas of school-life hold significance to each giver. Regardless of which area you choose to support, we hope FRA is one of your top three philanthropic priorities. The funds below represent the areas you may choose to invest in FRA.

Area of Greatest Need
These funds will be used to support the operating budget directly benefiting our students, teachers, programs, and operations. Unrestricted gifts to the operating budget allow the school to use your gift where it is most vitally needed. These gifts provide the school with the necessary flexibility to respond rapidly to changing circumstances and to take advantage of unexpected opportunities.

Academic Programs/Faculty Development
FRA is dedicated to inspiring in our students a lifelong love of learning through programs emphasizing skills of collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and global awareness. Great teachers are at the heart of this initiative, and in order to retain and recruit the best teachers, FRA offers competitive salaries and opportunities for professional growth.

Fine and Performing Arts
The arts are an integral part of a complete education. Your gift designated to FRA’s music, theater, and fine arts programs will ensure continued exceptional instruction for students at all grade levels. Beginning in the lower school and continuing through the upper school, FRA students are immersed in activities and endeavors that foster a lifelong appreciation of the arts.

Spiritual Life and Philanthropic Studies
Your gift to spiritual life and philanthropic studies helps FRA raise our students to be people of conviction within an inclusive Christian community. At every grade level, students are guided by Christian principles to lead and participate in a variety of intentional service opportunities. These experiences help students develop leadership abilities and important lifelong skills that compel students to lead lives of compassionate global citizenship.

Athletics and Wellness
Your gift to FRA’s athletics and wellness programs will help support activities that build physical strength, self-discipline, self-confidence, and collaborative skills, all of which are essential to personal growth.Our coaches are educators, and your support will enable them to continue FRA’s commitment to teamwork, sportsmanship, personal growth, and respect for self and others.

Financial Aid
Financial aid plays a critical role in creating classes of students with a diversity of talents, backgrounds, and experiences. Gifts to this fund allow FRA to seek out students whose values and contributions will strengthen the learning environment at FRA. Financial aid is awarded to qualified students on a need basis.

The Annual Fund Family of Funds supports students and faculty through the school’s operating budget. Should designated contributions exceed the budgeted limit, we will direct the funds to the Area of Greatest Need. Thank you for your commitment to FRA; your support helps ensure excellence in the programs that attracted your family and children to FRA.