Accelerating Student Progress with Individualized Instruction, Rigor, and Enrichment

ASPIRE supports and enhances the academic experience of FRA students. The ASPIRE team collaborates with teachers, parents, and students to identify and address the needs of our students. ASPIRE coordinators provide recommendations for support outside of the classroom and serve as a liaison between academic coaches, tutors, teachers, and parents. Additionally, reasonable accommodations are made for students with documented learning differences.

Services and support vary based on the developmental expectations for each division, the needs of individual students, and the recommendations of educational professionals. From partnering with classroom teachers to supporting individual students, our ASPIRE Learning Services department is a resource to the entire school community.


"The ASPIRE program was one of our primary reasons for choosing FRA. The program as been invaluable in helping our son have a true high school experience without getting overwhelmed by the course load. The ASPIRE room is a safe place for him to go and get his questions answered and to get the help he needs scheduling and managing his workload. Knowing the ASPIRE program gives him the resources he needs to succeed takes a lot of worry and concern off of us as parents and allows us to enjoy our family time instead of always stressing about schoolwork."

- FRA Parent


Allison Hammat, Director of ASPIRE

Allison Hammat
Director of ASPIRE

Beth Seely, ASPIRE

Beth Seeley
ASPIRE, Middle School Coordinator

Cecelia Hampton
ASPIRE, Lower School Coordinator

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