College Counseling

From the onset of 9th grade until after graduation, college counselors and grade chairs help each upper school student excel academically and set goals for the future. They work closely with families to ensure the right academic, social, and financial fit for each student's aspirations.
100 percent of FRA graduates are admitted to outstanding 4-year colleges and universities across the county and internationally. With three full-time college counselors for a senior class of about 85, we are able to provide a personalized experience for each student. Our college counseling team supports students in crafting strong, thoughtful applications while encouraging them to take ownership of the process. Throughout the year, the college counselors host over one hundred college admissions officers on campus, exposing FRA students to a variety of schools and allowing them to make personal connections with readers of their applications.

In addition to comprehensive senior programming, FRA’s college counseling program also includes seminars and workshops for students in ninth through eleventh grades, ensuring that students understand the college application process early in high school and helping them to position themselves for success.

College Matriculations

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Betsey Bachert
Director of College Counseling

Jackie Cascarano
Assistant Director of College Counseling

Kelli Wisthoff
College Counselor