Early Childhood (Pre-Kindergarten)

At FRA, we believe children learn best through active involvement in meaningful experiences. We incorporate hands-on activities in a center-based classroom to provide preschool children the opportunity to succeed and progress at their own rate. Our pre-k curriculum is theme-based, which allows us to incorporate many of our social studies and science concepts and weave in math and literacy instruction in such a way that lessons are cross-curricular.

Your child will learn in an imaginative, inventive, and experiential environment and recognize the joy of being an active, engaged learner.

Pre-Kindergarten 3

Our pre-kindergarten 3 classes are filled with energy, curiosity, and learning! These little ones are challenged with a curriculum that is specially designed just for them. Along with an emphasis on fine motor, gross motor, and social development, there is a necessary and valued balance between the introduction of age-appropriate academic opportunities and purposeful play.

Child must be three years old by August 15. All children must be potty trained to attend the Early Childhood program.

Pre-Kindergarten 4

In our pre-kindergarten 4 classes, children are immersed in a curriculum that prepares them for kindergarten. There is an increased focus on literacy and math skills throughout the day, and our goal is to meet each child where they are, while also experiencing new ways to learn together. We are intentional about promoting strong oral communication skills, and in everything we do, we strive to help our students develop a love for learning.

Child must be four years old by August 15. All children must be potty trained to attend the Early Childhood program.

Junior Kindergarten

Our junior kindergarten classes offer a wonderful opportunity for those students who may benefit from the gift of an extra year to sharpen academic skills while gaining social and/or emotional maturity in preparation for kindergarten. The experiences include a progression of literacy and math skills and a continued focus on written and oral communication. It is an option that has shown great results and will lay a firm foundation for the entire lower school experience for these children.

Child must be five years old by October 15. All children must be potty trained to attend the Early Childhood program.

In addition to the preschool classroom curriculum, our youngest students participate in valuable enrichments, where they experience hands-on learning in a dynamic, creative environment. They are also given socio-emotional and academic resources through our lower school counseling program and lower school library and media center.

Early Childhood Enrichments

As part of the learning experience at FRA, even our youngest students are exposed to enrichment classes daily. Pre-K students attend one of five enrichment classes for 45 minutes each day in:

  • STEM Lab
  • Guidance
  • Spanish
  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Physical Education (meets every day)

Early Childhood Counseling

Susan Emrhein, Lower School Counselor

At FRA, we believe in educating the whole child. In addition to addressing student academic growth, we address and support social and emotional development. We present a curriculum designed to strengthen students' abilities to identify their feelings and handle them in productive ways.

Our lower school counselor, Susan Emrhein, is a licensed counselor and behavioral specialist who assists our pre-kindergarten students with topics including:



  • Friendship
  • Feelings
  • Nutrition
  • Manners
  • Honesty
  • Bullying
  • Giving
  • Kindness & Empathy
  • Gratitude
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Teamwork

Lower School Library

Our students are encouraged to use the media center to browse, research, read, or check out materials when classroom schedule permits. The media center also offers monitored and filtered access to educational websites and other online resources. Our goal is to offer the latest tools in technology to enhance the educational development of our students.

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