Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

The Franklin Road Academy Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership was established as an important initiative outlined in our current Strategic Vision to expand experiential and innovative learning opportunities. The curriculum and programs are designed to inspire our students to pursue their passions while equipping them with the skills required to chart their own path. Starting this fall, upper school students will begin the entrepreneurship program by taking the finance and communications foundational skills course.

This semester course is focused on developing the foundational skills required for success in entrepreneurial work including public speaking, presentational skills, financial literacy and budgeting, and research skills. This course will strengthen core competencies and skills that are valuable across disciplines while propelling students into the incubator course.

This course is a rigorous year of project-based learning where students solve real-world problems by creating and testing their business model. Students have the opportunity to create and fully develop their own product or service using lean methodologies. From concept to pitch, students learn to hypothesize, test, and adapt.

Students can take this year-long course to build on the experiences of the incubator course and fully develop their business concept into a sustainable, functioning business. This includes growing a customer pipeline, creating contracts and terms, developing operating systems, and continuing to build, test, and iterate the product or service. Throughout the program, students will focus on legal and banking concepts, customer acquisition, business processes, and solution development.


Stacey Banks-Houston
Director of Entrepreneurial Leadership

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