Math Lab & Writing Center

The Math Lab and Writing Center serve all middle and upper school students and faculty by providing a supportive, collaborative environment focused on developing a deeper understanding of math and writing. As branches of the ASPIRE program, the Math Lab and Writing Center are resources for students who may need more support while also providing guidance for accelerated students who would like improve their math scores or have a paper reviewed before submitting a writing assignment.

Math Lab

The Math Lab's mission is to provide math support to middle and upper school students by working with faculty and students to bring a deeper understanding of mathematical topics being studied in class.

In the upper school, students may receive assistance with homework assignments, missed lessons, or upcoming assessments, as well as seek help in improving foundational skills.

In the middle school, students, individually or in small groups, focus on foundational skills and improved math fluency. Students work with their math instructor with direct instruction on methods to improve performance and retention.

The Math Lab helps students to:

  • Learn differentiated learning techniques
  • Improve problem-solving, logic, and reasoning skills
  • Strengthen basic skills and information
  • Re-emphasize current class information
  • Devleop better strategies for test taking
  • Prepare more effectively for assessments
  • Strategize for the ACT or SAT

Student services provided:

  • In-class support in collaboration with teachers
  • Individualized instruction
  • Small group instruction
  • ACT/SAT Math Preparation
  • Assistance with learning material from absences
  • Test preparation and review

Writing Center

The mission of the FRA Writing Center is to serve middle and upper school students and faculty by providing a supportive, collaborative environment focused on developing student writers. The Writing Center will engage students in conversations about the writing process and enhance the academic experience of all students by enabling them to learn to write at a high level across the curriculum.

The Writing Center can help students to:

  • Figure out what to write
  • Understand writing assignments more clearly
  • Craft a thesis statement
  • Make stronger points
  • Organize a paper
  • Improve sentence structure
  • Learn effective use of sources and correct documentation
  • Improve critical reading and thinking skills
  • Become more aware of the types of writing that various disciplines require
  • Learn to use language more effectively
  • Craft writing to best suit the balance between subject, writer, and audience (the rhetorical triangle)
  • Develop positive attitudes about writing and about themselves as writers

Student services provided:

  • Individual conferences
  • Writing workshops
  • Personalized feedback on college application and scholarship essays
  • Personalized feedback on class essay assignments
  • Assistance with research papers
  • Scholarship and writing contest information

Thomas Carlton, ASPIRE Math Lab Coordinator
Thomas Carlton

ASPIRE Math Lab Coordinator

Kelli Conners, ASPIRE Writing Lab Coordinator

Kelli Wisthoff
ASPIRE Writing Lab Coordinator