Middle School (Grades 5 - 8)

At FRA, the middle school serves grades 5 - 8 and is a critical experience in the education and personal development of our students. The middle school years span a wide range of social, emotional, academic, and physical development, and we tailor the school experience to the developmentally-appropriate needs of our students. Our scheduling, class offerings, and opportunities outside of the classroom are crafted to ensure we are consistently delivering high-quality programming in a supportive learning environment for students at each grade level.

During fifth and sixth grade, students learn organizational skills, responsibility, self-advocacy, grit, and resilience, skills they continue to refine through their seventh and eighth grade experience. The culmination of these opportunities instills the confidence in our students to use and strengthen their voice to make a difference at FRA and in the world around them.

Middle school teachers are dedicated to preparing students for upper school and providing support as they navigate through teenage years. Our faculty foster relationships with our students while challenging them to take ownership of their learning experience.


Academic Course Guide

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