International Programs

Our community is made up of families from all over the world, with our student body representing 15 countries. We are proud to offer multiple programs to assist international students in their transition, and our international students are integrated into our community life, participating in athletics, arts, and service life.

We promote a mutually symbiotic relationship because, after all, international and domestic students alike share the common experience of growing up and working together as part of a team.

What our international students bring to the classroom is enlightening, often generating lively discussion and debate, and this enriches the experiences for all.

Nissan Language Learners Program

The Nissan English Language Learners Program is specifically for international students whose parents have been transferred to Nashville by Nissan. The program provides an enriched and personalized academic plan for Nissan students as well as support in English by immersing them in the language, thereby creating rapid results of spoken and written fluency. The Nissan Program, which began in 2006 with four students, has grown to more than 20 students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12. Appointed instructors provide support for all Nissan students by working with them one-on-one and serving as a communications liaison between families and the school. At FRA, children from Europe and Latin America are assisted with cultural acclimation to life and school in America, and those with limited English proficiencies are supported with language development and retention. Students are given individualized support for classwork and assessments, and instructors also take into consideration a child’s wellbeing socially as well as academically.

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students on laptop
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Chinese Student Program

Chinese student in art classEvery year, FRA welcomes Chinese students to join our educational community for their entire high school careers. They are full members of the FRA community and, as they learn about the American culture and work toward their high school diploma, they also help other students to appreciate their culture. Our students are enriched to be sitting side by side in class with students from another country. Unlike a program where students study abroad for a semester or a school year, the aim of our Chinese student program is to bring highly qualified and motivated Chinese students to FRA to receive their post-secondary education exclusively in the United States. The ultimate goal of these students is acceptance into prestigious colleges and universities, making their commitment long-term.

Our Chinese students are welcomed into the homes of FRA families who serve as host families and make the students part of an American family. The primary requirement for hosting a student is for the student to be welcomed into the family and made a part of family activities during the year.

Faces and Our Cultures

students with awardsSince 2006, independent schools have hosted young cultural ambassadors from Guatemala for eight weeks through the Faces and Our Cultures program. This program is designed to provide Guatemalan students the opportunity to spend eight weeks (their summer holiday) in our community. Each student enrolls at FRA and participates in all aspects of our school day.

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