Upper School (Grades 9 - 12)

Students enter our upper school from a variety of backgrounds - from brand new students entering our community for the first time to "FRA lifers," who have been on our campus since pre-kindergarten. Regardless of how long students have been at FRA, the upper school provides a dynamic educational experience that prepares students to excel in college and beyond. Upper school classes focus on developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills to ensure students are prepared to enter a rapidly-changing world. All high school courses are designed to appropriately challenge students, pushing them to expand their abilities and develop new skills while engaging with rich content.

In addition to standard and honors courses at every grade level and a host of academic electives in each discipline, FRA offers approximately 20 Advanced Placement courses, allowing students to gain the depth and breadth of academic fluency required by the top colleges in the country.

We believe students learn best when they feel known, supported, and loved. FRA’s relational culture is fostered in intentionally small classes that allow students to receive high-quality feedback and grow academically while also engaging in our co-curricular programs. FRA students can be found playing at least one sport, perfecting art forms, mastering a foreign language, volunteering in the community, and reflecting on their spiritual life. Our graduates are confident individuals, prepared to fulfill their own unique purpose.

Academic Course Guide

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