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Admission Communications

Students with completed application files will receive notification of Admission Decision and Financial Aid via email on Saturday, March 1, 2025 by 9 a.m. CST.

The admission reply date for kindergarten-grade 12 applicants is Wednesday, March 5, 2025 by 12 p.m. CST.


Admission Dates for 2024-25

October 3 Admission Coffee, grades 5-12
October 25 MS Visit Day
November 1 FACTS financial aid application opens
November 3 Preview Day
November 5 US Visit Day
November 7 MS Visit Day
November 16 ISEE testing at FRA
December 1 Returning families FACTS Financial Aid application due
December 4 PreK/KG Priority Application Deadline
December 14 MS, US Interview Day
December 14 PreK Admission Testing
January 6 Priority Application Deadline grades 1-12
January 11 PreK/KG Admission Testing
January 11 MS/US Admission Interview Day
January 15 New Families FACTS Financial Aid application due
January 16 MS Visit Day
January 23 US Visit Day
January 25 KG Admission Testing
January 25 MS/US Admission Interview Day
January 31 Additional application materials due; excluding the ISEE
February 8 MS/US Admission Interview Day
February 11 MS Visit Day
February 15 ISEE results due 
February 20 US Visit Day
March 1 KG-12 Admission Decisions Sent
March 5 KG-12 Contract Response 12pm
April 24 US Pre-Registration Night New Students
April 29 LS/MS New Family Event


Courtney Williamson
Director of Admission and Financial Aid

Holly Koogler
Assistant Director of Admission

Debbie DeJean
Admission and New Family Coordinator

Maddi Devey
Admission Officer