Tuition and Financial Aid

2019-20 Tuition

All-inclusive dining plan included for grades kindergarten through grade 12
Pre-Kindergarten – Ages 3, 4, and 5  

Part–time (Tues., Wed., Thurs.): PK3, PK4


Full–time: PK3, PK4 or PK5


Kindergarten - Grade 4


Grades 5 - 8


Grades 9 - 12



Tuition may be paid once annually, in three installments, or monthly in 10 installments. Tuition and other fees are billed online through RenWeb. Payments are accepted in the form of e-check, credit card (Master Card, Discover, or American Express), or paper check. FRA recommends using e-check or paper check to avoid credit card fees. Tuition includes lab fees, field trips, student admission to home athletic events, and secondary student accident insurance. Please contact the business office for details.

Additional Costs

Student Activity & Supply Fee

Student supply and activity fees are customized by division. The fee amounts are set by July 1 and billed through RenWeb.


  • Lower School ($360) Supply and activity fee includes textbooks, workbooks, classroom resources, start-up supplies, technology infrastructure costs, and student activities.
  • Middle School ($600) Supply and activity fee includes digital textbooks, start-up supplies, technology infrastructure costs, and student activities.
  • Upper School ($410) Activity fee includes technology, infrastructure costs, and student activities.


  • Middle school students (grades 5-8) use an iPad. A one-time fee of $650 includes extended warranty, device hardware and on-site service.
  • Upper school students (grades 9-12) use a Fujitsu Tablet PC. A one-time fee of $1495 includes extended warranty and on-site service.


  • Lower School Textbooks are included in the activity and supply fee, along with start-up supplies. These will be delivered to students in their classrooms at the start of school.
  • Middle School Textbooks are included in the activity and supply fee and are installed as a digital resource on each student’s iPad.
  • Upper School Textbooks for grades 9-12 are not included in tuition or the supply fee and may be purchased online using Follett Online or other independent websites such as or Supplies must be purchased by each family, based on their student’s course requirements.



All students are required to wear FRA-approved uniforms. Please read our uniform dress code policy.

optional costs


Extended Care

FRA provides fun, meaningful experiences before and after school. Students are eligible to participate on early dismissal days, snow days, and school holidays.

Lower School & Middle School

  • Before care (beginning at 7 a.m.): $1200 (lower school only)
  • After care (until 5 p.m.): $2607
  • After care (until 6 p.m.): $3420

For a fee, after-school enrichments are available through the extended day program for lower school students.


FRA offers optional transportation services in the Belle Meade, McEwen Drive, and Concord Road areas.

Round-trip fees

  • Annual: $900
  • Semester: $475

One-way fees

  • Annual: $500
  • Semester $275




Affording FRA

The student experience at FRA requires a substantial investment. We strive to meet the financial need of all of our students, and because of that, we offer a need-based financial aid policy.

The FRA Financial Aid Committee uses FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment (FACTS) to provide an analysis of each applicant’s finances. Aid awards are available to qualified students entering kindergarten through grade 12. This ensures all applicants’ financial needs are compared equally and helps determine the amount of assistance the school can offer.

Financial Aid Facts

  • The total amount of financial aid given in 2019 is $1.9 million
  • 180 students received financial aid in 2019-20
  • Anyone may apply for financial aid
  • Financial aid does not cover additional fees for books, uniforms, overnight trips, or technology in middle and upper schools

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