Pax West '29

Crack of the bat, and I am off to first! If it lands in the outfield, I am on to second and possibly third. If there is an error in the infield, I’m headed home. I love baseball. I am super excited for when I get to fifth grade; then I can join the middle school team. When you find your hobby or your passion, you just know that it’s right for you. When you find it, whether it be art, writing, basketball, or soccer, FRA can help you and make it even more fun.

I love baseball because when you hit the ball perfectly, you don’t even feel it hit the bat. And when you field the ball perfectly, you feel the thud of the baseball when you scoop it up and the thud of when it hits the first baseman’s glove.

FRA has encouraged me by pushing me to my learning limits and helping me whenever I fail or need help. FRA has been a great foundation for my learning and friendships. Also, my friends Chace, Seungjoon, and Thomas have encouraged me in sports, academics, and life. They have helped me when I don’t do well on a test. They also help me whenever I have a hard day, and always make it better by the end of the school day. Even on weekends when we have play dates, they still do the same thing.

Ms. Williams and all of my other teachers have been fun and have also taught me so much. They are kind to me and help me whenever something may be a little too hard. I love being at FRA because of all the friendships, kindness, and also because this is a Christian school. One of my favorite things is chapel. I love the storytelling and how chapels can be interactive. The stories have helped me understand the Bible a lot more than I used to. Another thing I love about being at FRA is the theme for the year. A couple of my favorites have been “Glow in the dark” and “Storyline.”

I love coming to FRA because I always know I will learn something new, and I will have a good time. Also, I know that I will see all of my classmates and friends. I even know that I will get to eat Sage Dining’s delicious lunches. I get to do PE or outdoor break, plus I will always get to have recess.

At FRA, I have been able to challenge myself, especially in third grade. In third grade, I got to use a website called Khan Academy, and I learned negative numbers and fractions and how to multiply and divide them. At FRA, I have loved being in Perennial Math and other math groups with Mrs. Henderson. They have been so much fun and a great challenge.

FRA means so much to me and has taught me so much from kindergarten to fourth grade.

Pax started at FRA in kindergarten and has been a member of the lower school cross country team and participated in Destination Imagination and Perennial Math competitions. Pax's sister, Riley, is in the fifth grade at FRA and his mom, Brooke, is a lower school nurse. His fourth grade teacher, Ms. Williams, comments, "Pax is a curious and hardworking student. His enthusiasm for learning is contagious. He is a great friend to his classmates, and his cheerful spirit brings much joy to the FRA community."  Outside of school, Pax plays baseball for West Nashville Sports League and Nashville Baseball Academy.  In January 2020, Pax was invited to compete in the National Ninja League World Finals in North Carolina.