Distinguished Alumni

The Franklin Road Academy Distinguished Alumni award was created in 2005 to show appreciation to those individuals who have made significant contributions to FRA. Those chosen to receive the FRA Distinguished Alumni award have influenced our community through their ability, dedication, and service to our community while at FRA




The Distinguished Alumni should honor alumni, outstanding community members, and leaders throughout FRA's history. The Distinguished Alumni should recognize the student, faculty, and other members of the FRA community whose contributions and achievements have improved FRA's reputation and brought credit to the school. 

Achievements by members of the Distinguished Alumni should inspire current students and FRA community members to achieve their own level of excellence. In addition, the Distinguished Alumni should provide a means for communicating FRA's traditions from one generation to the next. 

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Distinguished Alumni selection will be based on a simple majority of committee members present at the annual selection meeting. Individuals selected as inductees will be notified by the executive committee of acceptance as a Distinguished Alumni prior to the public announcement. Only the names of inductees will be shared with the public; names of nominees will not be announced.


Honorees will be given a commemorative gift and a duplicate of a plaque that will hang in the lobby of the Peach Orchid Hill House. Inductees will be honored at a reception during Homecoming Weekend and recognized during halftime of the homecoming football game and must attend in order to be awarded. A full list of inductees will be available on the website.

All Distinguished Alumni

See a list of all FRA Distinguished Alumni award winners below.