Alumni Giving


Paulie Allen '90
"This academy has been, at the core, instrumental in me getting out and having some success in the business world. So, when I think of giving back to FRA, I want to give back to the place that helped me get to where I am today." Read more

2020-21 Alumni Giving

Mr. J. Blake Adams '01
Ms.Katherine Lee Akers '10
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Alderson '89 (Jodi Gregory '89)
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Alderson '89 (Jodi Gregory '89)
Mr. and Ms. Max Anderson (Kaissling Akers '11)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Anderson '89
Ms. Lisa B. Baskin '81
Mr. Max Beavers '18
Mrs. Katherine Clarke Bird '89
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Bowling (Susan Peppers '84)
Mr. Will Braam
Mr. Harris Brim
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Brim (Kathy Brown '89)
Mr. Ethan Brown
Mr. Alex Bruno
Mrs. Alison Carpenter Bueschen '85
Mrs. Susan Anderson Burns '87
Mr. Robert A. Butler, Jr. '89
Mr. Ryan M. Cain '96 
Ms. Courtney Felber Cain '95
Mr. Rafael Calderon '29
Ms. Karolina Calderon '29
Mrs.  Savannah White Carpenter '09
Ms. Caroline Carter '18
Mr. Thomas Cartiglia
Ms. Angelina Chan '19
Mr. David Chandler '17
Mr. William T. Chapman IV '91
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Chassaignac (Florence Stumb '95)
Mr. James O. Collignon, Jr. '00
Mr. Jeffrey S. Cowan '94
Mr. and Mrs. William Crabtree (Sharon Pewitt '99)
Mr. Dan Crockett '86
Mr. Cameron Cropper '19
Mr. Kyle Crudele '18
Mr. and Mrs. Jarrett Dalton '88 (Mary-Evelyn Holder '90)
Mr. Gonzalo de Gracia '21
Ms. Anna DeMouy '19
Mr. Preston DeMouy '19
Mr. and Mrs. Vance P. Derryberry '89
Mr. and Mrs. Cullen E. Douglass IV '83
Mr. Ben Elrod '92
Mr. and Mrs. M. Houston Estes '00
Mrs. Pamela Kampa Fahey '86
Ms. Anne Blewett Ferrell '93
Mrs. Jacqueline Bracken Fisher '06
Mr. Zach Fisher '08
Ms. Emma Flegel '21
Mrs. Whitney Kazmerowski  Forstner '94
Mr. Alexander Gales '19
Miss Kaylee Gentry '21
Mr. and Mrs. Ryder Gibbs (Amanda Potter '91)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Gillum (Heather Jones '92)
Mrs. Carley Tucker Given '00
Mr. and Mrs. Todd D. Glisson '88
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Graham (Ritchey Tomich '94)
Miss Catherine L. Griffith '00
Mrs. Brittany A. Haemmerlein '02
Ms. Allison A. Hallmark '14
Mr. Matthew Hames '26
Mr. Waddy J. Hammond '85
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Hanley (Lisa Kimery '85)
Ms. Katelyn M. Harnen '21
Mr. Garrison Harold '21
Miss Ginger Y. Harper '90
Mr. Richard J. Harris '94
Ms. Sophie Hart '21
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hawkins (DeRusha Patterson '83) 
Mrs. Martha Johnson Heston '87
Mr. Justin B. Holmes '99
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick B. Howell '82
Mr. Caleb Huddleston '21
Ms. Abby Hudgins '16
Ms. Courtney Hulme '11
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Hulme (Dayna Avery '82)
Ms. Paige Johnson '19
Mr. and Mrs. William  W. Johnson '82
Mr. Steven C. Johnson '84
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah C. Johnson (Ashley Jenny '98)
Mr. Carson Jungmichel '19

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Jungmichel '88 (Denise Pilkinton '89)
Ms. Logan Kaczynski '20
Mr. J. Kenneth King '82
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Koogler (Holly Pewitt '95)
Ms. Sabrina LaFaye '19
Mr. and Mrs. Chase P. Laws '94
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore G. Light '82
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Ligon '89
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Lindseth, Jr. '88
Ms. Kristin Stegall '96
Mrs. Julianne Murphy Longworth '09
Mrs. Katie Tomlinson Lown ’95
Mr. Terry Ray Maberry '90
Mr. David R. Mack '80
Ms. Madeline MacKenzie '32
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Mangrum (Valerie Eagan '92)
Ms. Isabelle Kelley Matthews '21
Mr. and Mrs. Charles May (Julie Smith '83)
Mrs. Laing P. Pewitt (McCullough '01)
Miss Amy I. McCullough '07
Ryan Francis McDonald
Dr. Allison Patten McGuire '95
Mr. Sean R. McLeod '99
Ms. Alyssa Meko '19
Mrs. Michelle Street Michael '03
Ms. Colleen Michel (Colleen Hellman '00)
Mr. Robert W. Miller, Jr. '82
Mr. James H. Miller, Jr. '88
Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Moore '09
Ms. Reece Moore '21
Dr. and Mrs. Houston Moran (Melanie Hasty '84)
Mr. and James W. K. Muldowney
Ms. Emily Nance '16
Ms. Sarah Nance '18
Ms. Lauren R. Painter '02
Mr. Sean G. Patterson '01
Mr. Donald L. Peppers '97
Mrs. Abby Wharton Pickney '11
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Pierce '89 (Amber Parker '90)
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Pinkston '90
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Pyles (Ashley Cunningham '92)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Reineke (Elizabeth Bernal '85)
Ms. Jamie Robinson '01
Mr. Jeff Robinson '80
Mr. Josh Rohricht '21
Mrs. Tyler Hancock Rudesheim '09
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Salato '03 (Kristin Garman '05)
Ms. Paige Samz '19
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Sanders '03
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Scarlett '97
Ms. Kaila Scott '21
Ms Elena Shepherd '21
Wake Sizemore '21
Mr. and Mrs. Zach Smeykal '08 (Emily Canady '08)
Mr. and Mrs. Zach Smeykal '08  (Emily Canady '08)
Mr. Clifton Smith '89 and Mrs. Aimee Earnhart-Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Somers (Beth Ennis '84)
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Southwick (Lia Baker '82)
Mr. Riley Speed '19
Mr. Paul Sposato '21
Mr. James Patrick Sweeney '10
Mr. and Mrs. L. Clifton Tant, Jr. '94
Ms. Alex Taylor '21
Mr. Mattox Telwar '21
Mr. J. Scott Tomichek '95
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Troutt (Jodi Vann '99)
Mr. Alex Turner '18
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Turner '80
Mr. and Mrs. H. Calister Turner III '89
Mrs. Jessica Gregory Van Vleet '00
Mrs. Millicent Van Mol Vance '95
Mr. and Mrs. J. Joseph Vaughan '92
Mr. Jason D. Warpool '00
Mr. Grant Weeks '19
Mr. Woody Weicker '16
Mr. Jeremy H. White '00
Ms. Karen Brush White '87
Mr. Donald J. White, Jr. '89
Mr. Jonathan L. Wiggs '01
Mr. and Mrs. M. Hailey Williamson II '85
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Woodard, Jr. '79 
Ms. Leah Woolbright '28
Ms. Amelia Young '13


The campus has grown and buildings have changed, but the heart of FRA remains the same. Your investment in the FRA Annual Fund ensures that current and future generations have a full FRA student experience. Join FRA alumni, parents of alumni, current parents, grandparents, and friends in supporting your school.