Katie Coben Aelvoet '11

Franklin Road Academy has always had a mission of building confidence in their students and preparing them for what the world has to offer. Since graduating in 2011, I’ve seen myself remain true to who FRA prepared me to be in my community, in my business, and in the life of my own family. I’ve been taught not only an excellent education, but a firm foundation in Christ that has helped me remain true to who I have been made to be.

During my years on FRA’s campus, I was met with an incredible, inclusive community that loved each and every single student that walked through the halls. I was given mentors that taught me a personal Christian mission and how to live a life of love and refined character. As I went through twelve years as an FRA student, I was developed into a young professional with a caring character. I was given an incredible education that allowed me to be fully prepared for my years at Texas Christian University. I was taught small things, like how to professionally communicate, superior writing skills, and keen ethics. I was taught how to navigate difficulties and how to maintain a strong work-ethic. Above all else, I was taught how to be confident as a woman, how to dig my feet in, and how to continue to treat others just as Jesus would have.

The lessons and values I’ve taken away from my years at FRA are invaluable. At my current businesses, I lead around fifty employees. Because of FRA, I know how to lead them each well, how to love them, and how to support them through their lives and careers. FRA instilled in me how to remain true to my values and lead with grace, as I lead a business that works to make a difference in the life of others. Mentors such as Coach Hart taught me what it meant to work hard toward a goal. I became a State Champion on his girls basketball team during my time on campus and finally understood how to push forward with endurance.

During my time at TCU, I discovered an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for using business to help others. Following graduation, I moved back to Nashville and purchased my first Pure Barre Studio in Franklin. I had taken the endurance and strategic vision I’d learned from my years at FRA and hit the ground running to excel my business. With growing a business under my belt, I eventually bought and operated a Pure Barre location based out of Boca Raton in 2018. After taking that studio from the red to green, I felt I had achieved my goal and made a profitable business for the next owner. A few years after selling my Florida location, I purchased the Gulch Pure Barre location in 2021. Through my years of building new clientele and relationships at each studio, I’ve seen the character and ethics FRA instilled in me rise to the forefront of who I am.

After experiencing the community at FRA for twelve years, that has been the culture and atmosphere I hope to build with each studio I acquire. Each of my teachers and staff at FRA developed me and pushed me to be the best I could be. I was grown and taught to excel by each interaction I had. Each of my peers, teammates, coaches, and teachers are support systems I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.

As I look at the businesses I’m currently running and reflect on my years at FRA, I am most proud of who FRA helped me become. Franklin Road Academy was a safe space where I was able to be vulnerable, shaped, and pushed into a confident young woman. I was taught to take risks and that I had the tools to be a successful, caring leader in any community I stepped into. My hope for the future generations of FRA students is that they find the people on campus that can help them dive deeper. I hope students find those teachers, mentors, or coaches that help them not only learn, but perceive the amazing world around them, as they did for me. I hope students soak up the passion running through FRA’s faculty and staff, continue to dream for the future, and are met with confidence from their foundational years at Franklin Road Academy.  

Katie graduated from FRA in 2011 and was a member of the 12-Year Club. In upper school, she played varsity basketball and was awarded All-Region and A-Team captain of the 2011 State Champion team. She was also involved in Model UN and played on the varsity volleyball team. Katie attended Texas Christian University, where she graduated with a degree in child development and was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta (Gamma Psi chapter). In 2021, Katie was inducted into the inaugural Athletics Hall of Fame at Franklin Road Academy as a member of the 2011 State Champion Girls Basketball Team.