Whitney Dunn Daniel '99

What about FRA has remained steadfast over the years?
FRA has always emphasized family and community. Without one, you don’t have the other. Throughout the years, this still seems to be the case.

How has FRA changed since your time there? How has it stayed the same?
While FRA continues to retain that small-town, family feel, watching the school evolve and adapt to our culture has been fun.  I am excited about the opportunity to become involved in the recently launched entrepreneurship program!

How does the heart and mission of FRA mirror your personal life mission?
FRA’s focus on developing a lifelong love of learning, discovering personal passions, and nurturing leaders align with how I run my business and raise my children.  The emphasis on character development, morals, and ethics is extremely important. Feeling connected to a belief system within a like-minded community is very comforting.

What programs, teachers, and memories have been the most influential?
I loved Coach Tucker who was my art teacher at the time. Part of that is because I’m a right-brained person and feel driven and inspired in creative environments. Coach Tucker is such a cool guy. I still have the Raku pottery I made in his class.

How would you define your FRA experience?
Coming out of public school was quite an adjustment. While it was intimidating at times, I always knew I could rely on my teachers and the administration to provide the support I needed as long as I was willing to ask. I made some lifelong friends and continue to cherish and value those relationships to this day. We certainly cut up at times and had our fair share of fun.

What is the most important lesson you learned at FRA?
I learned many lessons during my years at FRA, but one of the most important is that effort is everything. I had to stay organized, focused, and be willing to put forth the required effort to succeed. After graduating from FRA, I began to realize that the hard work in high school prepared me to manage heavier workloads in college, as well as in my professional life. Building and maintaining my business has taken that same determination.

Where do you find inspiration, and how does FRA play a part in that?
The Perfect Pair inspires me every single day. The women I work with, the customers I have grown to know, and even the challenges I face make it all a rewarding experience.  Since my days at FRA, I have seen so much come full circle. The community I valued on campus has become a necessity in my business.  I work hard to instill confidence and challenge others, as I was once challenged at FRA. In my business, I want to create something honest, organic, and authentic - just like the education I was provided!

How did you decide to open a boutique?
Out of college, I was a traveling rep for the Nicole Miller clothing collection. In my travels, in and out of hundreds of boutiques, I noticed that almost every fun city had a fabulous shoe boutique. Nashville didn’t at the time. I wanted to fill a void in our local retail market and turn a mild shoe and jewelry addiction into a business.

What advice would you give to current FRA students?
Stay positive and ask for help when you feel overwhelmed. There may be times when certain subjects, assignments, or friendships are challenging but know that there’s a support system in place to help you succeed. 

Whitney graduated from FRA in 1999. She was voted "Wittiest" by her peers during her senior year. Following graduation, she attended MTSU where she earned a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising and was a member of Alpha Delta Pi. In 2004, she opened The Perfect Pair. In her Nashville retail space, you’ll find a carefully curated collection of interesting shoes, versatile clothing, and unique handbags and accessories. Whitney enjoys traveling with her husband and two children, cooking, and running.