Alumni Spotlights


Allison Clark '18 Wins National Championship

Congratulations to Allison Clark '18, who won the NCAA National Championship with the University of Tennessee Dance Team!

Spence Jones '16 Plays in College Football Playoff

Congratulations to Spence Jones '16, who participated in the NCAA College Football Playoff, representing the University of Oklahoma in the Peach Bowl. 

Co-Founder, NaSHEville

"We call the SHE’S of our city to step out in courage, step up in support, and join in to give back to hurting women and children. We work to equip the broken, encourage the weary, and empower the weak. Through sale of our products, we have the privilege to serve many in need financially, emotionally, and
spiritually." Read more



"When we were 14, our parents told us that if we wanted cars when we turned 16, we had to pay for them ourselves. We decided to start an auto detailing company, Extreme Detailers, where we built a large customer base throughout Nashville/Brentwood. Most clients were in Chase’s parents’ neighborhood, so we would walk to each client every weekend and sometimes before school. By the time we turned 16, we were able to afford the cars we wanted." Read more


Alumni Athletes

At FRA, athletics is an integral part of our community. Our students excel in the classroom while also competing at a high level in one or more sports. We currently have 23 graduates who are currently playing collegiate sports. Meet them here.