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Alumni Spotlight: Brandon Grass ‘04

After attending FRA for thirteen years and still being involved in the life of the school today as a coach, I see that FRA has remained dedicated to developing kids as a whole, not only athletically or academically but spiritually as well. There is a focus on developing well-rounded people and helping kids grow in all aspects of who they are. FRA's emphasis on faith is as strong as ever and has been the foundation of their work. I owe so much of who I am today to the principles instilled in me throughout my time at FRA.

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Student Spotlight: Ty Clark III '24

I can't imagine being at any other school besides FRA. I have experienced a genuine community of friends, athletes, teachers, and mentors throughout my time here. Since beginning here my freshman year, I have grown in ways I wouldn't have imagined for myself. Coming into the school, I only knew a few people, but now I have friendships and a family I feel like I've known forever.

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Middle School Basketball Teams Wrap-up Awesome Seasons

Our middle school basketball teams crushed it this winter season. It started with the girl's HVAC Jr. basketball tournament. Our 5th/6th girl's basketball team made a huge run in the tournament. In the first round, they won by one point against Grace Christian. They were able to make a free throw to tie it and then made the second foul shot to win the game. In the final round, they played Battle Ground Academy and defeated them 17-15 for the HVAC Jr. Division A Championships!

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Middle and Upper School Swim Teams Finish Season Strong

This season has been an excellent year for our swim programs at all levels. At the high school MTHSSA meet at Centennial, we had six athletes qualify: Max Boylan, Damon Petty, Maston Ballew, Emma Emhrein, Olivia Lown, and Amory Taylor. We also had Amelia Dawkins qualify as a diver. Maston Ballew got 1st in the 100 butterfly and 2nd in the 200 IM. Max Boylan notched 5th in the 100 breaststroke, which qualified him for the NCSA Junior Nationals. Damon Petty was able to qualify for the 50 freestyle. Olivia Lown earned 2nd in her heat. Olivia was also nominated as our first-ever Panther of the Month because of her leadership and growth on the swim team this year.

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