Interim Experiences

Interim is a week-long experience for our upper school students to serve in the community, explore the world, work in professional settings, or learn a craft. This week is experiential learning at its finest, as FRA faculty accompany our students in pursuing their passions and/or extending their learning out of the classroom. Interim is an integral part of the school; therefore, attendance follows the same policy as the other days of the school year. Absences may only be excused for illness or family emergencies. Please do not make Spring Break plans before the end of Interim. Interim is a graduation requirement. To earn credit for Interim, students must complete the experience and fulfill the requirements.

*Please note that some Interim experiences extend beyond the Monday-Thursday time window. Please plan accordingly with spring break plans. All students MUST return to Nashville with their faculty chaperones

International Travel

United States Based Travel

Nashville Area