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Student Spotlight: Emerson Hood

I have so much fun designing earrings! I love being able to make new designs, use different combinations, and choose different stones. After being gifted an earring-making kit for my birthday two years ago, I found my love for making jewelry. After a few different designs, I had lots of people asking me for a pair of earrings. I was selling them at camp, to family members, and even just friends who saw them. My projects were really doing well so I decided it was time to start a business!

My parents and I sat around and thought about all the good that came from my business beyond the earrings. We decided some of the money I earned should be used for something bigger, and that’s when we heard more about the Nashville Rescue Mission. My entire life, I have always had a big heart for the homeless. There are people all over Nashville who don’t have what we have, but still deserve a chance to be on their feet and to be shown love.

Once we came up with the mission for my jewelry, it was time to get busy. I decided to name my business Emerald’s Earrings. When I was little, I used to tell my mom that I wished my name was Emerald instead of Emerson. I had also been designing earrings with all different types of pretty stones, like emeralds. It led to the perfect name, and it stuck!

During the pandemic, when places were closed and we were all at home, I decided to use my time locked in the house to make even more earring designs, create a catalog, and even use social media to spread the word. It gave people the chance to accessorize even when they had to wear masks. As the pandemic went on, I gained more and more love for what I was doing. I was the head designer leading my own business for the good of those around me.

My business quickly started to grow and some festivals were welcoming me with open arms to come and sell my product, while all my friends wanted a pair of my earrings. I was invited to have a pop-up shop at the Music City Lifest, one of the largest Christian music festivals in the nation. Over the course of the weekend, there were people from all over the United States hearing my mission and supporting my business.

One of my favorite parts about this business is that I not only get to help those in need, but I also have the chance to meet and connect with new people. At the Lifest, I met a lady who told me a story about God and how he always is proud of his children. She told me God often ‘winks’ at us in little ways throughout our life. I’ll never forget meeting her or the many people I’ve met along the way.

When I take trips to the Nashville Rescue Mission and make my donations, I have the chance to remember why I make my earrings and the impact I get to have in the lives of others. I don’t need the 

money for myself, but I hope the money I make is helping improve the Nashville Rescue Mission and the lives of all the people who need our help.

Emerald’s Earrings has helped me grow more each day. I make new friendships because of the earrings and get to connect with many different people. Any time I have to sit down and make new earrings, I am filled with joy knowing this is all for more than myself. It makes me happy to know that what I produce brings other people joy, not only for those wearing my earrings, but for the donations I’m able to give the homeless. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Emerald’s Earrings and for how I can continue to give back to my community. 

Emerson joined FRA this year as a fifth grader. When she is not creating jewelry to raise money for various organizations, she enjoys being a member of the middle school dance team and competing in gymnastics. In a recent gymnastics meet, she earned first place all around, first place on bar, first place on floor, and third place on vault. We are incredibly proud of her accomplishments and her generous spirit.