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Turner Fellowship Program

Sponsored by the Turner Family Foundation, the Turner Fellowship Program offers rising seniors an opportunity to serve in partnership with not-for-profit organizations in the Nashville community. This prestigious fellowship program sponsors students committed to making a difference in the lives of others. FRA believes that serving others is elemental to our Christian mission and the health of our community. This past week, we held our annual Turner Fellowship transition banquet to welcome our new Fellows.
Thank you to the Fellows of the class of 2021:
Hayes Dalton (West Nashville Dream Center), Emma Flegel (West Nashville Dream Center), Katie Harnen (Preston Taylor Ministries), Garrison Harold (Salvation Army), Sophie Hart (First Steps), Isa Holt (Bethlehem Centers), Caleb Huddleston (Shower the People), Jessie Huddleston (Fannie Battle Day Home), Will Johnson (Preston Taylor Ministries), Olivia Maki (Best Buddies), Isabelle Matthews (Preston Taylor Ministries), and Kaila Scott (West Nashville Dream Center).
Welcome to our Fellows from the class of 2022:
Hailey Blahauvietz (Shower the People), Emily Day (First Steps), Ben Dernbach (West Nashville Dream Center), Caroline Dinker (Fannie Battle Day Home), Analise Gibbs (Bethlehem Centers), Paige Harris (Salvation Army), Kimi Hashimoto (Barefoot Republic), Brookelynn Hunter (Preston Taylor Ministries), Amelia Keese (Mother to Mother), Beau Kirschner (Barefoot Republic), Lily Paris (West Nashville Dream Center), and Sophie Vincent (Preston Taylor Ministries).