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Upper School Students Win Awards at Entrepreneurship Pitch Competition

Recently upper school students in our Entrepreneurial Leadership class traveled to MTSU for the Entrepreneurship Pitch Competition. Before the competition, students had to create a business plan which led to a 90-second pitch and presentation given to judges at the competition.

Our students walked away from the awards ceremony with four awards highlighting their efforts. The team of Bronagh Barrett, Taniya Thomas, Ethan Montee, and Witt Maxwell earned the best display award. The science enterprise award went to the group of Nicholas Kouchoukos, Griffin Frankfather, Clifton Tant, and James Muldowney. Drew Cook and Bre Williams took third place, while the team of Drake Lankford, Joe Crocker, Aidan Esposito, and Connor Bain earned a fourth-place finish overall. Congratulations to these students!