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Did You Catch That?

As we continue to plan for future jobs unknown to us now, building students with meaningful interpretation and problem-solving skills is essential to our youth and their future. Students need to be given opportunities to have positive discourse, while also being taught the appropriate ways to behave when they get an answer wrong or aren’t sure of an answer. The Lower School is doing this is through small, meaningful conversations in math that promote critical thinking, encourage students to provide evidence to support their understanding, and require students to listen to one another’s understanding of a problem presented.

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Building Habits Needed to Thrive in a Rapidly Changing World

It is hard to believe that the iPhone was introduced just a decade ago, and though drones are now available for purchase as Christmas presents, as recently as 2012, they were on the cutting edge of many technology departments. The past decade has been full of rapid innovation, and with emerging technology around virtual and augmented reality as well as artificial intelligence, predicting the future is increasingly challenging. As parents and educators, this lack of clarity can be intimidating as we work to prepare our children for what awaits them when they graduate. How can we educate students for a world whose future is unclear to us?  

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Top 3 Reasons Alumni Enroll Their Children at FRA

We recently had Homecoming 2018, and one of the traditions during that week is celebrating our legacy students at the annual Legacy Breakfast. Legacy students are those whose parents are FRA alumni, and we spend the morning with them and their parents, who always seem to find FRA friends, old and new alike. This year, we have a record 87 legacy students.

While the school has grown and changed over the years, the mission and heart of FRA remains the same.

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How to Foster a Love of Reading in Your Child

We all know a young reluctant reader - one who views reading analogous to getting a tooth pulled at the dentist’s office. As a middle school English teacher, I encounter several of these students each year, most of whom openly admit their detestation and avoidance of reading. In today’s world of advanced technology, however, this isn’t surprising news. To many kids, Fortnite and Snapchat are much more appealing and exciting than a so-called “boring” book. Plus, reading requires something that many kids like to avoid if at all possible: effort.

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Suicide Prevention Month

As my oldest son is entering the tween years, I find that one of the more difficult challenges of parenting is realizing that you do not always know what your children are thinking and feeling. While we all do our best to raise our children with a sound moral compass, empathy, and coping skills, we may still find ourselves wondering when do the typical ups and downs of adolescence become something to worry about. 

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