The Cost Family

As soon as we walked onto campus, we honestly felt a peace come over us. We had been touring schools, trying to decide where to send our oldest daughter, Kherington. When we talked to the teachers at FRA, we felt a real sincere sense of commitment to the curriculum. All the teachers we talked with were really invested in the classroom experience. Six years later, and two additional children now enrolled at FRA, the word “invest” has continued to be a theme for our FRA experience - an experience that really just begins in the classroom.

Teachers and the whole FRA community invest in our children by building their confidence and exposing them to new ideas and challenging them to answer tough questions. Our children are not just getting an amazing education, but they are being poured into and challenged. We have seen teachers go above and beyond, not just teaching them what they need to be learning in the classroom, but by doing extra special things to build more into our kids. So, we love being able to give back and are committed to supporting the school financially.

We are grateful for what FRA has built inside our kids, and we want to help build the FRA community for the next generation of families. The community aspect of FRA is tremendously important to us as a family. Our children are building friendships, becoming confident, and building their lives in a place that is special and unique. Their experience, and our shared experience as a family, has been one that goes far beyond the classroom. Every time we walk onto campus, we definitely feel like we are at home. - The Cost Family