Capital Campaigns

Throughout our nearly 50-year history, FRA has appreciated the generosity of the community as it has expanded and enhanced the facilities, grown the annual fund, and provided for the endowment. Today, all FRA families benefit from the generosity of those who came before them. As we plan with great excitement and anticipation for this unique moment in time in the school’s history, we are hopeful that families across the FRA community will join together to support this significant undertaking that will transform our school while providing spaces that reflect the exceptional interactions between our faculty and students. We are inspired by the early generosity of many families during the early phase of our campaign for facilities and look forward to reaching out to all members of the FRA community to discuss their participation. For further information, please contact Jill Johnson at (615) 369-4656 or

Philanthropy Report


Our Generous Volunteers

Overall Chairs
Lindsay and Marc Jenkins 

Lower School Division Chairs
Bess and Brandon Knox

Middle School Division Chairs
Kate and Craig Neely

Upper School Division Chairs
Sara Elizabeth and Will Bradford