The Beasley Family

We initially heard about FRA through a current parent who told us about the Heart to Heart program because it was new at the time. We decided to tour for our oldest son, Noah, who was in kindergarten. Ethan and Olivia started a few years later, and Ethan will be the first Heart to Heart student to be a part of the 12-Year Club. 

We felt, even while touring, that FRA practices what it takes to be a family. Once we toured and met the staff, faculty, and community, like most say, it was our clear first choice, and we fell in love with the school at that point.

There's a lot of pride in the school — for sure from us, and even when someone hears that our kids go to school at FRA, there are lots of positive comments and acknowledgement of good things going on here. This kind of mentality enables us to continue to forge ahead as a school.

We have watched our children grow spiritually, athletically, and become more confident in themselves. Those opportunities present themselves for our kids to figure out. In the lower school, if you're interested in theater, you can take a lead role, and that carries on into middle and upper schools. Every student can start to find their place. Ethan is in a drama class this year, which we would have never thought any of our kids would be in a drama class, but he loves it. There are many opportunities to dabble in everything before deciding on where you want to focus.

As a family, we have all found places where we can contribute to FRA, whether it’s volunteer time, athletic events, or performances. We’ve met a lot of like-minded people here, and we have made a lot of lifelong friendships. They feel like more impactful relationships than what we may have gotten at a different school because the community is so special here.

We like that FRA dreams big. We have come so far as a school in the past five or six years from a facilities standpoint as well as the growth of our community and where we are on the map. The philanthropic nature of FRA is prevalent, too. As a school, we teach kids at a young age how important it is for them to give back.

If you’re investing in FRA, you’re investing in your kids. Providing our kids with the best education we can find is one of the most important things we can do for them. Our kids see that FRA is something we’re fully invested in, which means we’re invested in them and in the future of their education as well as the longevity of the school.

- Jeb and Melissa Beasley