The Berrios Family

When we started looking for a school for our son, David, we knew we wanted him to have the best education we could provide for him. We toured a few schools; but once the door opened for us at FRA, we knew this was it.

We wanted a 12-year school for him and for him to have strong roots at one place with lifelong friendships. We also valued him being around people who not only teach him about faith but live it out and for him to see through them what faith is.

David has grown into a mature and secure third grader. He has a strong self-esteem, and he’ll jump in the car right out of school and pull out his book and start doing his homework. We can see how our principles and values we are teaching him at home are reinforced every single day at FRA.

FRA has given our son the opportunity to succeed, the skill set he’s going to need, and the head start in life that we believe is going to propel him toward greatness in the future. We look forward to him moving through different grades and into our newly built spaces.

David loves everything about FRA. He loves going to recess and playing sports and being around his friends. He's never once said, "I don't want to go to school." That speaks volumes to us.

You can have a nice building, but what's inside is what really counts. The faculty is special. They are not at FRA just because it’s their job. They are there because they want to be there, and they love what they're doing; it's about the students for them. It's not about anything else other than giving these kids the proper education.

If we can help the school become all they can be by donating our resources in order for other kids to have these same opportunities, we want to do that. And if the school can give them that, then we should support. We’re eager to do what we can to engage with and support the establishment that has given so much toward molding the future of our child.