Beth and Randy Chase

We are passionate about FRA and what we stand for as a community. We’ve been on board with that all along. FRA prepared our children well for life, and we’re excited to be a part of things that are going on now to ensure that the same will be true for many other future students.

FRA’s focus is to create well-rounded kids, and we do that well; athletics was a big part of that for our kids. For most of the kids at FRA, they get an opportunity to play the sports they want to play. It’s a small enough school where you can get involved and find your spot. Athletics is important to us because we see how athletics helps train you to be a good leader, interact with people, work on a team, and tackle issues.

We are energetic about education. The thing we found about giving to FRA is you can see an immediate impact. We also give to Auburn and Vanderbilt, but we are not sure how much of an impression it is making there. Maybe it does long term, but you can see a quick turnaround and result at FRA. And so we’re enthusiastic about giving to FRA.

The vision at FRA is also inspiring. When we believe in a vision, that causes us to contribute and remain focused on accomplishing that vision. We can see the instant impact, particularly when we are seeing our campus full of kids moving around, learning, getting involved and engaging with everyone, whether it’s their peers or teachers and the coaches. We are able to see the vision at play in the everyday activities in this place, and that’s what it’s all about.

Our children are proud of the fact that we’re supporting their alma mater. They all had great experiences. They all got accepted to and went to great colleges. Now, three of the four are in the workplace with jobs. They were well prepared, but they were prepared beyond the academics. They surrounded themselves with great friends and had good support systems. We look back fondly on those times. We’re proud to be able to continue to support their alma mater.

Clay Goddard '10, Cris Goddard '10, Morgan Chase '12, Alex Chase '15