The Kern Family

We wanted to find a school for our family that shared our common goal of weaving love into everything that is done. After seeing how Franklin Road Academy loves and leads each child on this campus, we see Christ being highlighted in every aspect of this community. From the moment we learned of FRA, we could feel how special of a place it was. We became a prospective family during the pandemic, and even as we were meeting faces over Zoom, touring an almost-empty campus during the summer, and unsure of how the next school year would play out, we could feel God’s presence at FRA.

Franklin Road Academy is unique in many ways, but the mission of this place is what helps it stand apart from other independent schools across the country. An inclusive Christian community is precisely what you find here. Each person is included, known, seen, and loved, no matter who you are. This place has an honest mission where the actions match the words and phrases used. Each faculty and staff member comes to campus each day ready to invest in who our children are right now and who they will become through each year of their lives. As we looked ahead, we saw how this community speaks volumes whether you currently have children enrolled or have a child who was an alumnus of the school. The message is simple and reflects that this is a place we are fortunate enough to be able to invest in.

We’ve found that our kids, Bryce, Anelle, and Quinn, can be challenged academically but are also encouraged to reach for the sky in everything they do, both inside and outside the classroom. FRA focuses on little things that significantly impact the lives of our kids and the community at large. In 5th grade, our son Bryce was incredibly interested in marble racing and had Mrs. Nelson come alongside him to create a space where he was seen and loved. Within a few weeks of noticing his interest, she helped him develop a marble club so others could share in his passions and interest. Soon, he was able to not only expand his innovation skills outside the classroom but wanted to continue this work at home. Educators at FRA invest and pour into our kids daily. The results of that love and attention allow our children to come home feeling supported, as do we.

As we look to the future as an FRA family, we look forward to the opportunities allotted to us as parents. We can participate in Bible studies, volunteer at events, and grow alongside other families. FRA allows us to foster connections, and we can’t wait to see how that benefits us and our kids for all the stages of life ahead of us. Being on one campus, we will have the chance to grow on the same campus with the same families, supporting each other through what life brings. A campus focused on guiding families and students well only sets us up to better support our children at home, and we couldn’t be more thankful.

We are so grateful to be a part of this community, and we feel incredibly blessed to have our children attend such a unique place. Franklin Road Academy's intentionality has enormously impacted our family's life in the last three years. We were immediately included and welcomed, which is why we choose to give. We give to places we know can make the most impact. This institution is raising our kids and the generation they are in. It only makes sense to be a part of what God is already doing on this campus. We feel honored to not only be a family here but to be able to come alongside the work that God is doing.