The Mitchell Family

The decision to support the capital campaign was an easy one. We think it is important the facilities here at Franklin Road Academy reflect the investment we’re making in the students. We also think it is important FRA has the spaces here for the students to learn as the learning environment changes. Having contributed to the capital campaign, that is just our way to ensure our investment in our children is reflected in the facilities.

The new Weicker Center for Student Life is the perfect example of that. One of our favorite things about FRA is the fact that it is a Pre-K - 12 campus. It has been great for our family because our daughter, who is considerably younger than her brothers, actually had the chance to go to school for a couple years while Tymon was still on campus. She saw him regularly, and it was just really good that they got to interact despite their difference in age. We know other families appreciate that as well. The Weicker Center contributes to the feeling that we’re are all a part of the FRA family. It creates a gathering place, a meeting point for the FRA family.

We had the experience of going to breakfast in the Weicker Center a couple of weeks ago on a Wednesday morning. It was so great to walk in and see other families sitting there having breakfast. It gave us the opportunity to talk to people we haven’t had the chance to connect with including teachers, parents, and students. It felt like a nice family environment. And to us, that is what the Weicker Center represents. There isn’t a time that we walk into the Weicker Center that we don’t go up and introduce ourselves to parents who are sitting having coffee together. Families can come together. Kids can come together. The school can come together.

This gathering place also reflects the fact that campuses are changing. During Tymon’s college recruitment process, we visited many different campus facilities for students. The Weicker Center looks just like what we saw at all the college campuses we visited. The learning environment is changing, reflecting the collaborative approach to education. The Weicker Center represents FRA saying, "We’re here for what’s next.'"

FRA is more than just a school. It is a place where you feel welcome from the beginning. Our children were embraced, they were encouraged – academically and spiritually. As parents, we felt it was important to support the annual fund and capital campaign because it’s one way, amongst many, to ensure the school is prepared to educate students today and tomorrow. These gifts touch every student, not just your child and not just the current FRA children. - The Mitchell Family