The Pinkston Family

From walking the halls as an FRA student, to seeing how it’s evolved through today, it has been such an honor to see the breadth, depth, and diversity of the FRA community grow. Our hope is that FRA would build generational momentum and continuity, where we have more and more alumni impacted by this place. We want to see students leave the campus not only walking into their next chapter in confidence, but as leaders.

 Reflecting on my (Jon's) time at FRA, I certainly have amazing memories with friends and teammates, but the most vivid memories involved the faculty and staff who dedicated themselves to making FRA what it is—a home. I am still continually impacted from the times a teacher or coach challenged and encouraged me in ways that impacted who I was becoming. It’s easy to sit and recall the impact of an institution based on the people that are helping cultivate the culture. Coach Weicker, Coach Muckle, Coach Kelsey, and Coach Tucker significantly impacted the students on this campus.

When we decided to send Timothy to FRA in seventh grade, one of the main factors in our evaluation was the recognition of great teachers and coaches with the same impact mindset. This is what sets one education apart from all the others; there is an investment being made. After searching for where Timothy would attend, we asked him which school was his first pick. His response came easy after saying FRA was the place that felt like home.  The faculty and staff at FRA make the campus home for so many of our students.

Being able to give back to our community has made such an impact in the life of our family. When we use the word philanthropy, we hope to be taking actions that help promote the welfare of others. We know how important it is to honor God through the way we give, and FRA could not provide a better mission for us to support.

We’re giving to the student experience and the student investment. From the Weicker Center, to the new athletic center, each of these upgrades on campus adds to the investment in each student on campus. Of all the places we could support, FRA is an easy choice because we believe in the people here.

Each of our kids have been impacted in a meaningful way academically and beyond. It is an honor for us to be able to give back.