The Robinson Family

Our daughters started attending FRA in 2016. Taylor was going into fourth grade and Bailey was going into first. When we toured, the facilities were amazing, and we remember the politeness of other students. On our tour of the lower school, a student who was walking in front of us opened the door for us. I thought it was a good sign that these children were being taught well, not only grades wise, but also in manners. That was important to us as well.

Because we've moved around a lot, the community and family aspect of FRA seemed unique from the beginning. We loved the fact that it was pre-kindergarten through grade 12 and that our lower school children would mingle with the older kids and be role models to the younger kids. Plus, all the parents and teachers knew our names. We didn’t feel like we were a number.

It's apparent that the faculty and the staff care about the success of the school and the success of the students by the hours that they put in. When we come up to campus for extra-curricular after-school activities, this place is always buzzing with teachers and staff members working extra to make sure that the school and the students' experience is a great one.

FRA is challenging scholastically, preparing both of our daughters for their next step—college. The teachers also communicate expectations and feedback in their progress tailored specifically to our kids so that we can help reinforce the teachers’ instruction.

We love that our girls are involved on the same campus and go to the same sporting events. It helps keep our family together. FRA is a safe place for us and for our girls. We know that their teachers and the staff are doing everything in their power to educate, mentor, and grow them into young ladies. We trust them and they trust us to reinforce the things that they're teaching at home.

Our experience with FRA has been outstanding. We see the time and effort that the faculty and the staff give to help our children, and we want to give back what God has given us so that families down the road can reap the same benefits that our girls are currently reaping from FRA. We hope that future generations of parents and students’ experiences at FRA are even better than ours.

You never know how the resources that you give could impact a future child. At FRA, every dollar you give is allocated toward helping educate a child and changing their life by putting them on a career path that could—who knows—change the world. As a donor, you’re impacting future generations with every dollar you give.

We love FRA because we can see that everyone who works here loves our kids and wants them to be successful. There is a true passion for students to grow and learn and become educated and mature, as well as a genuine love for kids.

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