Diana and Brad Sanderson

We had chosen FRA before our first daughter was even born. We knew we wanted our daughters, Brianna and Blakely, to grow up in a culture supported by a non-denominational, Christian environment. FRA continued to pop up in conversation as we continued to search for somewhere they could grow. Around 2006, Brianna, our oldest daughter, was born and we knew we wanted a place where she could be seen and valued in a setting with small class sizes and a vibrant school community. FRA was the obvious choice.

As we looked into schools in the area, it became more apparent that FRA was a place we could envision our family growing and getting involved with the community. The FRAmily was an authentic aspect we could feel as we stepped onto campus and has become more real with each school year. The community at FRA is truly unique, from the way the families know each other, to the way the students interact and support each other.

We’ve watched our school community grow, especially over the course of the last year. It’s so exciting to see the changes and transformations that are taking place on our campus, in our students, and in the entire community for the better. Students are able to bond with peers from other grades and experience group learning in advanced spaces that have created opportunities that didn't exist before. It’s exciting to be able to invest in current and future generations as well as their families.

The new common spaces on campus have allowed our daughters the opportunity to interact, see each other, and create deeper bonds. We hope to continue to help create these opportunities for all FRA families.

The sky is the limit for FRA, and we are happy to give in support of the future of our campus and our community.

It allows us the chance to dream big with FRA and ask ourselves the questions—what else can we give and how else can we help make great things continue to happen here?

Being involved and supporting the school has sparked many of those questions and strengthened our true feeling of fellowship in this community. We have had the experience of being grade-level and lower school chairs for the Annual Fund. Making connections and understanding more about the impact of our giving has made us even more passionate about investing in the mission of the school.

We feel honored to have the chance to invest in this place. Not only are we investing in our daughters and their futures, but we're investing in every student, faculty, and staff that walks on this campus. As parents, we want each student to have it better than the year before, and FRA is a place continually striving to create the best experience possible. It’s an honor to invest in the vision and mission. 

-Diana and Brad Sanderson