Lyn and Scott Sohr

Choosing the school where your children, as well as your family will invest and grow is a huge decision. As we began to search for our school family, it all came down to connection. Every time we walked on campus, we felt a connection to the leadership, the mission, and the vision of FRA. After sending all of our children, Andrew, Austin, Gracia, and Audrey through FRA, it’s clear to see the strong focus on community connection, as well as on the investment faculty and staff make in their students.

FRA encourages students to grow as unique individuals, while preparing them for the chapters after these hallways. Students have the opportunity to learn to effectively manage time and prioritize projects, while also learning to engage and treat their peers with respect. FRA encompasses the whole student and offers an individualized experience for each. Teachers at FRA make learning a unique experience by building strong relationships, genuinely caring, and encouraging students in each moment of their growth.

The students at FRA are called to engage and innovate with programs such as the upcoming entrepreneurship program. Students have the opportunity to meet and collaborate in the innovation labs while learning new methods for building a positive world and helping change it for the better. The construction of state-of-the-art facilities, like the innovation labs, not only serves current students but also helps attract the best families in Nashville. With new facilities comes a greater demand for our school. It is amazing to see the growth, desire for excellence, and connection that continues to form in the school’s family.

This place is more than just a school, it’s a place formed by community, compassion, and integrity. FRA provides an inclusive Christian environment where faith is encouraged but also where there is always room for growth and acceptance. This place is a safe space for students to ask questions and become life-long learners. The FRA experience stretches well beyond students' years on this campus, but becomes a part of who they grow into outside these walls.

Education is critical in the entirety of life, and we have an obligation to step in and help where we can. FRA was and is a very important part of our lives and our children’s lives. We give because we want to pay these experiences forward, all while continuing to enhance the experience on this campus. FRA was key in helping our children develop into the individuals they are today, and if we have the chance to give back, why wouldn’t we? As we invest in FRA, we know the return will continue to be great as the community continues to be built on connection and innovation.

-Lyn and Scott Sohr