Brenda and Larry Vickers

Since the fall of 2010, it has been a joy and blessing for us to be a part of the FRA experience. Our grandson, Jonas, came to FRA for his kindergarten year, and even in these early years when discussions about his school came up, he would always say, “I'm going to be at FRA untilI go to college.” He is now in ninth grade.

His lower school experience was outstanding. When we had the opportunity to drop him off in the mornings, there would be music playing and Dr. West on the sidewalk assisting children as they got out of their vehicles, speaking to parents, and greeting each student by name.

We appreciated and always looked forward to Grandparents Day. This was a time to meet his teachers, become familiar with activities in the classrooms, and meet his classmates and other grandparents.

Jonas has had the opportunity for an excellent academic experience during the past nine years. His numerous opportunities in musicals, choir, and band in the lower and middle schools have brought him to Jazz Band this year. Due to his love of science and early exposure to coding, he is also on the robotics team.

These same opportunities and experiences are available for every student attending FRA. There is an excellent continuity of curriculum provided by an outstanding faculty to guide each student to where they want to go and what they want to continue to pursue. Our giving is usually directed toward education, spiritual growth opportunities, arts programs, world missions and our church. Two of those are available at FRA. It is evident to us that in order to have the diversity of programs and experience offered on the FRA campus, it takes more than tuition paid by parents. We want to help fill that gap by donating each year to the annual fund.

We have always appreciated the outstanding leadership at FRA. The first time we looked through the Strategic Vision, we were overwhelmed by the plan for new buildings and additional educational opportunities for students. FRA always continues to look toward and determine how to provide a quality education in a Christian environment not only for students who are enrolled now but also for future students.