What is Giving Day?
Giving Day is FRA’s day of giving. The day will bring together alumni, parents, parents of alumni, grandparents and friends in support of a place we hold near to our hearts. This year’s Giving Day will take place on Tuesday, April 27 from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. CST.

What if I can’t make a large gift?
By making your gift, no matter the size, you help to strengthen the FRA community and the value of a FRA education.

Is my gift tax deductible?
FRA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your gift may be tax deductible to the fullest extent according to the law.


Contact Kelly Markert or
call 615-369-4466 for more information.  

Giving Day Donors 2021

Give or Pledge Now

Blake Adams '01
Juan Aguilar
Jodi & William Alderson '89 (Jodi Gregory '89)
Jim and Estelle Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Alexander
Kaissling Anderson '11
Michael and Courtney Atnip
Michael and Laurie Austin
Bank of America
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Barrett
Lisa Buchanan Baskin '81
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Bates
Amy Baugh
Kathy Clarke Bird ‘89
Richard and Judith Bracken
The Bradshaw Family (Bill Bradshaw '89)
Ryan '96, Olivia '24 and Wyatt '26 Cain
Karolina Calderon '29
Rafael Calderon Jr. '29
David Chandler '17
Will '91 and Donna Chapman
Henry and Florence Chassaignac (Florence Stumb '95)
Elizabeth Cole
Charles and Joan Collier
Joc Collignon Jr '00
The Cooper Family
Matt and Christie Corey
Jeffrey Cowan '94
David and Alison Crocker
Ms. Adelaide Davis
Doris and Patrick Dinkel
Steve and Rachael DuPerrieu
Pamela Fahey '86
Mr. & Mrs. Roosevelt L. Fayne
Anne (Blewett) Ferrell '93
Meredith Fifer
Zach Fisher '08
Carol and David Fortier
Sam and Martha Ann Fulk
Brad and Jeanine Garner
Mark and Tetiana Gegenwarth
Ritchey Graham '94
Calle Griffith '00
Allison Hallmark '14
Waddy J. Hammond '85
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Hanley (Lisa Kimery '85)
Lynn M Harnen
Gail Harper-Crockett
Evan Harris and Noah, Natalie, Noelle
Heather Herbert
Mrs. Danielle Hill
Laura Holman
Abby Hudgins '16
Courtney Hulme '11
Ben and Pam Hunter
Hayden Jaques
The Jaulin Family
Charlotte and Rudy Jiricek
Christopher and Melinda Johnson
Ashley and Jeremiah Johnson (Ashley Jenny '98)
Steve Johnson '94

Ken King '82
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kohler
Ted and Linda Light '82
Jeff Ligon '89
Karen Lown
Butch Maberry '90
Madeline MacKenzie
Barbara and Jim Marquardt
Cecilia and Alexa Marquez
Ted and Becky Martin
Amy McCullough '07
Colleen (Hellman) Michel '00
Katherine and Jimmy Miller '88
Robert Miller '82
Mingus Family
Doug and Lizzie Morency
Karen Morgan
James William Kennedy Muldowney, IV
Ann and Gene Nau
Beth Newman
Beth and Jim Osteen
Lauren Rose Painter '02
The Parlins
Mr. and Mrs. R. Thomas Patten
Dr. and Mrs. Loverd Peacock
Maddie and Logan Pearse
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Peppers
Eugene and Betty Rigsby
Ben and Sarah Rigsby
Tyler Rudesheim '09
Amy Rugaard
Mr. and Mrs. James Sanders
Leslie Sanders
Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Scarbrough
Ryan and Lindsey Sherry
Ami Simons
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Simons
Amy and Joel Simpler
Zach ('08), Emily ('08) and Nathan Smeykal
Patrick Sweeney '10
Leonard and Tameka Lucas
Alan and Roxane Taylor
Alex Taylor '21
Scott and Ashley Tomichek '95
Anthony and Barbara Turner
Alex Turner '18
Darrell and Kristin Vanzant
Damon and Heather Vincent
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wade
Michelle Waterman
Mrs. Evelyn K. Weicker
Woodrow Weicker '16
Karen White '87
Jeremy White '00
Jordan and Jon Wiggs '01
Eddie Williams
Elizabeth and Jon Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Woodard, Jr. '79