Giving Day is FRA’s day of giving. The day will bring together alumni, parents, parents of alumni, grandparents and friends in support of a place we hold near to our hearts. This year’s Giving Day will take place on Thursday, April 18 from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. CST.

Haven't made your gift yet? It's not too late!




Contact Amanda Rush  or call 615-369-4466 for more information.  


Giving Day Donors 2022

Anonymous (24)
Ms.Katherine Lee Akers '10
Mr. and Mrs. James Alexander
American International Group, Inc.
Stacey and Steve Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Max Anderson (Kaissling Akers '11)
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Askew
Mr. and Mrs. Omar Assi
Mr. David Axford and Ms. Darlene Marsh
Ellie and Tommy Axford
Deborah and Scott Bailey
Mr. Raleigh Barnes '12
Amy Baugh
Ms. Annadele Barnes '16
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Berry '12
Mr. and Mrs. George Bird (Mrs. Katherine Clarke Bird '89)
Ms. Hailey Blahauvietz '22
Jessica and Charlie Boyd (Mrs. Jessica Bracken Boyd '00)
Samantha and Chris Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. David Browning
Emily and Aaron Burley
Carrier Corp.
Mr. David Chandler '17
Change Healthcare
Andrea and Dan Cleeton '00
Mr. and Mrs. Joc Collignon '00
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Comish (Nancy Strode '83)
Ms. Christine L. Connolly
Mr. Wills Cooper '22
Christie and Matt Corey
Bryan Coston
Ms. Julia Couch
Ms. Kathy Culp
Mr. Hayes Dalton '21
Ms. Adelaide Davis
Laura and Ken Davis
Drs. Mardon and Richelle Day
Jayne Jewell and Alphonso Esposito
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Fahey, II (Pamela Kampa '86)
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Finke
Mr. Zach Fisher '08
Mrs. Allison Cox Flynn '97
Ms. Hayley Fuller '18
Elizabeth and Mike Gager
Mr. Kingston Gardner '20
Dr. and Mrs. Chad Given (Carley Tucker '00)
Shannon and Neal Hager
Mr. and Mrs. Gerges Hanna
Mr. Evan Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Harris
Ms. Sophie Hart '21
Dr. Alisha Hayes and Mr. Shawn Hayes
Caroline and Ali Hemyari
Nancy and Ricky Henderson
Heather Herbert
Adele and Clint Holloway
Ms. Hope Holmes '17
The Holtschlag Family
Mr. Caleb Huddleston '21
Ms. Courtney Hulme '11
Mary Elizabeth Hulsey
The Jaques Family

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Jaulin (Meredith MacLeod Jaulin)
Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. Johnson '83
Haley and Bryan Johnson
Laura Jungmichel
Bess and Brandon Knox
Jessica and Jeff Krones
Lynn and Tim Lawyer
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore G. Light '82
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Ligon '89
Mrs. Barbara Marks
Morgan and Paul Martin
Meredith and Jeff Marwill
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Masterson
Susie and Steve Mathews
Mr. Jackson Millar ‘22
Lynn and Charles Moll
Mr. James Muldowney, IV '25
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. H. Gene Nau
Ms. Maggie Nelson '19
Amy and Peter Norman
Missy and Steve Norris
Julie and Mike O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Osteen, Jr.
Sabrina and Jeremie Papin
Amy and Wes Pass
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Peppers '97
Mrs. Julie Peterson
Mrs. Ashley Love Phillips '05
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Price (Mrs. Kerry Marraccini '96)
Mr. and Mrs. Roman Ramirez
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Rhodes (Allison Sutton  '96)
Betty and Eugene Rigsby
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Lynn Rivet
Ms. Holley F. Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. John Rudesheim (Mrs. Tyler Hancock '09)
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Saffle
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Sanders '03
Carly and Allan Schroeder
Ms. Kaila Scott
Kim and Chris Sigmund
Mr. and Mrs. Zach Smeykal '08 (Emily Canady '08)
Camille Suttle Smith
The Smith Family
MyLinda and Vann Solley
Abby and Jamie Spencer
Ms. Kate Spencer '22
Daine and Luke Stocker
Paige and Ryan Succop
Roxane and Alan Taylor
Chanda and John Teas '88
Mary Scott and Dan Thorne '98
Hillary and Stephen Vickers
Ms. Cynthia Waller
Sarah and Spencer Wang
Jamie and Gerald Wellman
Wells Fargo Matching Gift Program
Mr. Jeremy H. White '00
Mr. and Mrs. William T. White
Jordan and Jon Wiggs '01
Marilyn and Stan Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Woodard, Jr. '79 
Cathy and Edward Zaborowski