Parent Association

The FRA Parent Association (PA) is an organization that builds community and enhances the partnership between parents, students, faculty, and the FRA administration. Every parent with a child at FRA is a member of FRA's Parent Association.

Please let us know about you and the experience you can bring and share with FRA. We want all of our parents connected in ways that work best for them. Serving on the Executive Council, chairing a PA event, or joining a committee is a great way to get plugged in and connect with other FRA families. Please contact Mary Martin for information on joining the Parent Association.

We are excited to announce the 2020-21 Parent Association Leadership:

President:  Alison Crocker
Vice President:  Inga Everett
Secretary/Treasurer:  Renee Matosich
VP, Community:  Ellie Axford
VP, Lower School:  Paul Stiefvater
VP, Middle School:  Lori Breaux-Mitchell
VP, Upper School:  Kelly Mick
Early Childhood Summer Social:  Julie and Kurtis Taylor
Lower School, Summer Social:  Chad Dunn
Lower School, Christmas:  Karla Calderon
Lower School, Luncheons:  Yatasha Moore
Lower School, Daddy/Daughter Dance:  Ashley Frieberg and Colleen Kane
Lower School, Mother/Son Dance:  Ivelisse Martin
Middle School, Summer Socials:  Jodi Alderson
Middle School, Meet in the Middle Event:  Jennifer Pine
Middle School, Christmas:  Chris Burns
Upper School, Picnic:  Stacy Johnson
Upper School, Christmas:  Gayle Parrott and Murray Smartt
Taste of Christmas & End of Year Teacher Appreciation Luncheon:  Wilbrena Thomas
Spaghetti Supper:  Adele Holloway
Come See Santa:  Rachel Faulkner
Service Life:  Pamela Hunter
Spiritual Emphasis Week:  Brandon Haskins
Stars and Guitars:  Ashley Pyles and Susan Lonon