Remote Learning 

Please review the information below for updates to our remote learning policies for the 2021-22 school year.

Remote learning will only be available for longer absences.
Students anticipating or experiencing a long absence due to COVID-19 quarantine, illness, or other factors can apply to use remote learning for a week or longer. Students who are unable to attend school for shorter periods of time due to routine illness should call the office and coordinate with their teachers to get missing work, just as they have in previous years. 

Remote learning must be approved in advance.
All requests for remote learning require approval in advance. The remote learning committee will review all applications and communicate with families about whether or not their request has been approved. Please see below for the remote learning application. The committee will review requests on a weekly basis.   

Remote learning will not be available for all courses.
Some courses, notably arts, physical fitness, and some hands-on science courses, will not be available for remote learning. Students in these courses who need to utilize remote learning for their other classes should plan to get work in advance. 

In certain cases, students may be able to participate remotely but not able to participate synchronously via Zoom. Depending on the activity, teachers may need to share materials and content in different ways. Pre-K students will have the majority of their work available via SeeSaw and other platforms and have more limited live interaction. 

Students utilizing remote learning will take assessments in person when possible.
Students who are remote for two weeks or less will take their assessments in person, rather than virtually. In-person assessment allows for more effective interaction with the teacher and reduces academic integrity challenges.

Remote learners will not be eligible to participate in co-curriculars.
Students must attend school in person to participate in co-curricular athletics, arts, and enrichment programs after school.