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Beginning Monday, March 23, we will implement our remote learning plan, which will allow us to continue to deliver dynamic and interactive learning experiences to our students while not meeting on campus. 

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Inspire. Encourage. Nurture.

At A Glance


Acre campus for students pre-kindergarten - grade 12


Countries represented in our student body


Average class size allowing students to fully engage in the classroom


Faculty members holding advanced degrees

  • 7:1 student-teacher ratio
  • Science, technology, engineering, and math program beginning in kindergarten
  • 70% of faculty members hold advanced degrees
  • Service learning woven throughout pre-kindergarten - grade 12 with assistance from the Center for Philanthropic Studies
  • Daily devotionals and weekly chapel in kindergarten - grade 4. Daily convocation and bi-weekly chapel in grades 5 - 12
  • 700-seat theater with professional lighting and sound
  • 2,000-square-foot Innovation Lab and DNA Lab
  • 57 athletic teams offered at the varsity, junior varsity, and middle school levels
  • Purdue
  • West Point
  • Tulane
  • Dartmouth
  • Amherst.png
  • Boston.png
  • Duke.png
  • Georgetown.png
  • Harvard.png
  • Hopkins.png
  • MIT.png
  • Princeton.png
  • Rhodes.png
  • SCAD.png
  • St. Johns College.png
  • Stanford.png
  • Vanderbuilt.png
  • Wake Forest.png
  • William & Mary.png
  • Yale.png


A Year In: Parent Perspective

The Brim family chose FRA for their rising freshman last year. Now that they are a year (and a couple of months) in, they describe their experience in the admission process and their thoughts on the decision they made. Click here to hear their story


My FRA Experience

Chloe – A New Student Perspective

" I don’t feel like a number here at FRA. I have a name, and people use it. FRA loves you for who you are, and they want you to embrace you. They support you and are willing to give you the resources to help you succeed and excel.”


How FRA Influenced Our Move To Nashville

The Halas Family, New FRA Family

"The grace and warmth that our family has experienced isn't an accident. That's something that has been fostered in the culture. It is a very authentic, real place where your kids can grow."

Your Child. Our Mission.

Riley Casey '17

"I'm excited for my future at Columbia University because I feel confident FRA has prepared me to do things well. I have gotten to figure out who I am, and I am very thankful for that."

David Tucker - Faculty Member

“I've been here for 35 years, and I've become like family with my coworkers and coaching staffs and built lifelong relationships with students as I've watched them grow up. Over time, your roots grow deeper and deeper, and there is nothing that can replace that.”

Why I Chose FRA

Nia Williamson '19

“We wanted a place where people knew her and where she could be appreciated for her unique self but also be challenged to be her best self.” -Jim Williamson, Nia's father

Rob Miller '82

"Almost everything I do now can be traced back to life lessons that began at FRA. One of the principles I preach on athletic fields and movie sets is everyone has the will to win, but the will to prepare is what counts. FRA prepares its students to win."


Independent Inquiry: A Year of Student-Guided Reading, Writing, Thinking, and Discovering

I experienced my first trip to the principal’s office in the fall of my kindergarten year. The trip was a result of a dispute between me, my arch-nemesis Forrest, and my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Snowden. Surrounded by a gaggle of five-year-olds, I was proud to announce the news that Mrs. Snowden had shared with me earlier that day: I was the best reader in the kindergarten class. “No,” Forrest interjected, “She told me that I was the best reader.” I was appalled and disgusted at this discrepancy. Someone was lying. I was certain that the angelic Mrs. Snowden could not be at fault, and I knew that I wasn’t lying, so the incontestable truth was that Forrest was usurping my position and undermining my crowning and well-deserved accolade. My path forward was clear: gather support, publicly shame Forrest, and throw a calculator at his face. What I had envisioned as a proud and glorious defeat of evil by good and falsehood by truth turned out to be the first black mark on my record.

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Students from Guatemala Studying at FRA Through Faces & Our Cultures Program

Three students from Guatemala are studying at FRA for the next seven weeks thanks to a partnership with Faces & Our Cultures. 

Each year Guatemalan students travel to Nashville to live with an FRA host family and study here during their summer vacation. While they are at FRA, the students -- Raúl, Cristy, and Nico -- will learn about American customs and practice their English.

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